Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Cast of Carriers

This is in response to a post on Adventures in Babywearing, one of my favorite blogs! Pictured above is my entire stash. So, yearbook-photo style, here they are from top left:

1) Mei Tai made by me and my mama. Has received compliments for its beauty, but comfort--not so much.
2) Ellaroo Mei Tai bought from Kelly. Reversible to plain black, fits me and Jordan.
3) Moby Wrap bought from Julie. I have nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings for this one and I wish I had one in every color!
4) ModMum Sling won from Bloghunt. Let me hold Suzi in a near-cradle position when she was really too big, but didn't want to be in the hip position. Great for breastfeeding, and it was free!
5) Hot Pink Shimmer Hotsling. My first-ever carrier, given to me by our former retail manager, Dawn. I registered for it at Jennie G's.
6) Dots Hotsling. Bought it at JG's after I realized I'd lost enough weight to fit into a size 3.
7) Jordan's manly Hotsling. This one helped him soothe Suzi in the early days. And it was cute too.
8) Reversible Kaleidoscope Hotsling. The reversible hotslings are so supportive and I enjoyed this one, particularly for learning the hip position.

Seeing them all lined up like that makes me so happy. There are some things in life I feel guilty for having too many, like shoes, but I don't feel guilty about these. I needed every single one! They have helped me joyfully bond with my daughter and for that they are priceless. Let me know if you are in the area and need to borrow a sling to try out. I just can't part with the wrap or mei tai right now because they get me through each day.

What I'd like next: I've never had a podaegi, so I'd love to try one of those. Other than that, I'd like to make a carrier of some sort. I love all the ones I have but it's so fulfilling to make something myself! (I'll have to make the next one anyway, because for some reason Jordan's gotten the idea that I have enough carriers already.)

This post is compliments of Suzi's nap! Here are some pictures I snapped while she was out. The impression of her hand and foot are from her birthday, May 30, 2007. Can you believe this? I highly recommend having an impression made. It's hard to straighten out little fingers for the do-it-yourself plaster ones, and I absolutely treasure ours. It's about 30 bucks; just pay it. If you're at AnMed there's a sweet lady who comes around and does it in the room. If you can only afford pictures or this, I'd skip the pictures. That's what we did.

And yeah... That is a Santa blanket. It's so cuddly I decided to keep the spirit alive year-round.


Vicky said...

You are a baby wearing nut!!! Just kidding!! I like your mix of wraps. If we ever adopt I know where to go!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your stash photo makes me smile, too!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awwww, nap time bloggity goodness. Doesn't get any better than that, huh? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your carriers are sweet!

Blessedw5mom said...

Love your photos!
Great post!

Ahhh ... the joys of babywearing!

Blessings~ Heather zt

half pint pixie said...

beautiful slings! I love the kaleidescope one :)

Danielle said...

Great pixs! Thanks so much for sharing. I need a manly sling for my DH.

IA. said...

I should get one of those when I have my second baby. When, I don't know ;D

One of my biggest regrets, not getting an impression like Suzi's. We have pictures, but I would give anything to go back in time even just to get his footprints and handprints in ink and paper!