Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let's make a pie (with a heart in the middle) / End of December in pictures

Suzi and I were bored Sunday afternoon so we decided to make a pie with a heart in the middle, just like in the movie Waitress. Daddy took pictures and helped us with the oven. (So for those of you who are worried, I don't lean over the oven with my baby!) We made chocolate fudge pie and I tried to draw the heart in it but that didn't work, so we used Hershey's dark chocolate syrup before we put it in the oven. I put Suzi in my reversible hotsling and we went to work. The pie turned out okay but it's better with regular, unhealthy margarine and we used Smart Balance.

Suzi is getting used to the hip position and the best sling for this position is the reversible hotsling. It doesn't stretch at all so it holds her firmly in place. It's hard to get much done when she's riding in front, so I'm glad she's coming around.

I think it turned out kind of pretty. This is my favorite kind of pie and my mom got the recipe from a cooking show (Nancy Welch?) in the 70's. One of about ten things I know how to make.

"Take me to bed you guys--I'm so sleepy I can't sit up!" I thought this was cute.

Aiden was flirting with Suzi at his birthday party. He just turned 1!

Grandpa and Suzi on Christmas Eve. I wish I knew how to make it not blurry but I actually don't know much about photography. (And they wouldn't be still, not both at the same time.)

That's it for now. Last night Brittany, Megan, Dave and (Suzi's boyfriend) Aiden came over for New Year's. We played with the babies, watched the sad bowl game, and sang karaoke. It was fun, but we were slack on the picture taking and don't have a thing to show. However, somewhere there is a video of Jordan singing "That's Amore" as a duet with Dave. It was precious.

Happy New Year!


Vicky said...

You both look so cute! I bet the pie was good. You'll have to give me the recipe. Did Suzi get some pie too? Aiden looks adorable too.