Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crunchy Carolina, and Suzi swings!

First, I'm so proud to have an article I wrote in the first issue of the online newsletter Crunchy Carolina! Yay! I'm sure I'll learn and grow a lot from reading the other articles.

Suzi's Nana and Papa came today to put up her swing set. I didn't get a good picture of the whole thing, but it's a sturdy wooden four-swinger with a landing and a slide, and it was given to us for free! Jordan and his dad worked their butts off all afternoon to put that smile on Suzi's little face (see above). I'm pretty sure Jordan and Suzi are passed out in the recliner about now.

Speaking of the recliner, which is practically the only new piece of furniture we own, and we bought it last year to rock our baby... Well, it's officially earned its title of wise purchase.

See what I mean?

We are mostly finished with painting the living room and I love it. The extremely high over-the-stairs area was tricky, but we worked it out. It's been a big weekend of waiting until Suzi falls asleep, sneaking off to paint, finishing each other's sentences (and singing), arguing and making up. Less than a week until my baby's birthday!


Vicky said...

Hooray! I am proud of you for getting an article published. I think you are doing a great job following your mothering instincts. I am not that "crunchy," however I am getting a lot of great ideas from you and your group. I like to consider myself semi-granola. LOL

Suzi looks so cute in her swing! John is building the boys a swingset right now.

Anonymous said...

*kissing your crunchy face*
you rock!

Janya said...

what a great article and transformation!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How exciting! And that photo is TOO CUTE!


Kelly said...

Aww..she looks so sweet in her little recliner. I'll have to read your article, I didn't even know you were writing one.