Saturday, December 29, 2007

My new ModMum baby sling!

A few days ago I received the ModMum sling I won from the Scavenger Bloghunt Party! There were so many fabulous prizes that if you took the time to participate you were more than likely going to win something. (I bet you're really kicking yourself now for not entering.) Here I am enjoying the sling with Suzi:

These are the things I love about the sling, which is the Taylor sling in case you want to know:

1) Unique pattern and high-quality fabric. The sling is soft, and the cute dot pattern reverses to green on the other side. If you can only afford one sling, this one is perfect because it matches most any outfit! All their nine styles of slings are reversible, and the two layers of fabric make it extra supportive--a high priority for a sling which is holding my precious daughter!

2) Generous pouch to allow for front riders. Suzi (7 months) is still a front rider and when I put her on my hip she straightens her legs and tries to escape. I'm hoping this is just a phase. The sling I used before, while fabulous, was not as deep as this sling and she grew until her legs wouldn't fit. The ModMum sling is deeper, not just bigger; it's roomy enough for Suzi and still snug enough in the shoulder for me.

3) Best of all, I can breastfeed her in this! Woo-hoo! I used to enjoy breastfeeding Suzi in her other sling, but she grew large enough her head couldn't lay back into the sling. I know you can breastfeed an older baby in the hip position, but she isn't ready for that yet. This sling is deep enough to accommodate her whole body, which saves a lot of tears and screaming (Suzi, not me!) in the grocery store when she gets hungry. Please see picture below of me discreetly breastfeeding her at a birthday party. (The blanket is there because I had a brain cramp and forgot to wear my Bella Band.)

Since I am a Southern Belle and we are big on thank-you notes, here's my virtual one:

Dear MomViews and ModMum,

Thank you so much for this awesome sling! We love it. I already had some slings and couldn't afford to buy another one even though Suzi needed a different one to meet her needs. We're so happy to have this one from ModMum. I've always thought a baby sling is the ultimate baby present because you're not just giving a fashion statement... You're giving a new mommy the gift of closeness with her child. As she carries her baby close to her heart, she is forming the cornerstone of their future relationship. There's a lot of love in those slings.

Jenny and Suzi Harmon


Calin Bleu said...

What lovely photos!!

Beth said...

Did you know there is a baby-wearing meeting the first Thursday of every month at the Clemson-Central library from 10am-12:30? They try to stay on topic but it's more of a mom-baby/child playgroup. They all bring their different assorted slings and you can try out any that you've been wanting to use. I went for a few meetings when I couldn't figure out my ring sling :-)

Stephanie Precourt said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL pattern! Congrats to you!!!

And in response to your question, my youngest is 2 and does the hip carry well. That's how he nurses mainly in it, too. And if you're really feeling pressure to wean from other people, be sure to surround yourself with others that are supportive if you can!

Most often the people that think extended nursing is wrong or weird or whatever- they are the ones that are just misinformed.


MJ Tam said...

Glad to have matched you up with something you like.

The pictures are beautiful and your baby is a cutie!

:-) MJ

Anonymous said...

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