Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day of learning and changes

We had babywearing group today. Suzi was the littlest and kept chewing on everyone else's toys. Still working on a tooth, I think. Julie gave me a copy of Mothering magazine, which I love. I've read most of it already and will definitely be subscribing. In one issue they discuss cloth diapering, vaccines, and several other issues I've been curious about. The coolest part is all the ads are for useful things like cloth diapers and babywearing items--many of which I haven't heard of before and would consider buying.

Later Jordan and I took Suzi to meet Dr. Bailey-Dorton, our new family doctor. We are thrilled to have found her, thanks to Carey. She and Dr. Cayelli, who will be Suzi's doctor, accept unvaccinated children and are supportive of parents making their own decisions for their kids. Suzi will be getting the three most urgent vaccinations, but one at a time. We will be waiting on varicella in particular, as I'm not convinced this vaccination will last into adulthood and I don't want her getting shingles later. It's so nice to have a doctor, and right around the corner, who isn't going to give us any crap about it.

We are having sleeping issues, and I've suggested cosleeping to Jordan. I would have done it already, but here were my problems:

1) I can't really sleep with Suzi for fear of rolling over on her/smothering her
2) I can't roll over when she's in bed with us because it'll wake her up
3) She's crawling; won't she fall out of bed?
4) How are we supposed to get any, you know, alone time?
5) I have no idea what I'd need to purchase or set up to make this happen. Is it expensive? Will we have to completely rearrange our bedroom?

If you have the answers to these questions, please let me know. She had been sleeping in her crib without complaint, but recently she's been throwing a huge fit. She is truly upset and I can't let her cry like that.

Speaking of changes, we are painting our walls this color:

What do you think? We like it and I think it'll totally change the atmosphere of our blank-walled house.

Last but not least, my smart Jordy got an A in his computer science class!!! I am so happy for him. It won't be long before he graduates, but I won't jinx it by giving a projected date.


Kelly said...

Congrats Jordan! I'm in my computer class now! I'm glad you're finding magazines and health professionals that share your concerns and beliefs. I read a lot of health stories, and I think vaccines are sometimes passed way to much. Let me know how it goes! :)

Beth said...

I wish we could have made it to the babywearing mtg this morning! I had to clean my house before I would let my friend's mom come babysit..haha! :-) It surprised me to see you walk around the corner at the doctor's office! I too read Carey's post the other day and when the nurse practitioner at work suggested I find a family doctor to go to (and it was funny, she suggested that group!) I knew who to go see! I'm glad she is so flexible with you guys and the vaccinations! I'm half tempted to take Elaina there so we're all at the same place...but we'll see.

Jeff and I co-slept with Elaina for the first 3 months but haven't really since...although recently she won't take naps without me laying with her. How soon will Suzi be a year old? I wouldn't be worried about rolling on her at this age...especially since she's crawling...and you're not a very big person. Elaina got to a point where she cried when we put her to bed but we started doing a bedtime routine...and letting her stay up until she was tired enough to fall right to sleep. Trial and error :-) That's all the help I know to give!

Cakies said...

Do you have information on which shots they really need and which not so much? That would be so helpful. I would love to get educated on these things... Not sure if you decided against the varicella or not, but I got shingles 6 months after giving birth to True! It happened right after I got my period for the first time post partum and it was so difficult (True had to spend a week at my parents' house!). My Ben had it too before we met, but he had a lesions on his face (ouch!). It does happen and it isn't fun! That is my thought... but please send some info this way!

Your Suzy gets cuter and cuter!!!

Beth said...

Is Jordan a Comp Sci major? Would he be interested in a bunch of Java and Linux (and lord knows what other) books? My husband dabbled in computer stuff but is giving up all of his books...and we were just going to sell them in our garage sale.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Definitely let me know how it goes!! Very interesting!!
I am so excited for my little guy to be born in June b/c he will be the first child (the 4th) that I plan to do some babywearing with... at least experiment with it!!

Anonymous said...

1)if you rolled over on her she would definitely let you know!!! roll over is only a concern for very young babies and in the presence of these risk factors-- obesity, smoking, not breastfeeding, taking sleep-inducing medications, or non-mothers sleeping with tiny ones. you don't fit that bill!
2)if done regularly perhaps her sleep would adjust to your closeness? although clem still sometimes gives me a solid kick in the tummy if i wiggle too much.
3)at the crawling stage we stored our bed frame and left the mattress and box springs on the floor. it worked for us... a bed rail is a $15 option as well. though generally babies don't want to get out of bed without you.
4)floors, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms...
5)i think the rearranging just requires patience-- flexibility is the key too.

james mckenna has a great resource called sleeping with your baby
and this website

i won't say cosleeping is always perfect... but sometimes it really, really is... i have loved most of my time in bed with the kids.