Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"It's not a fanny pack! It's a sporran!"

That's what you'd have to be insisting to all your friends if you were sporting this little number. While picking out Jordan's sporran, we ran across this fashion faux pas masquerading as a "sport sporran."

"Sport sporran? That sounds nice," I said upon hearing the name but before viewing the goods. Then I saw it.

Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. I was born in '84. That is a fanny pack! When I looked more closely at the description on the website, they billed it as such apparently as a selling point. Jordan and I had a little walk down memory lane thinking of our own multicolored fanny packs, which were what we had to wear on family trips, like when my parents took me to Disney World and when Jordan's took him to Colonial Williamsburg. I wore mine everywhere, but I can't remember what I put in it. Probably rocks or a Barbie. I remember going to work with my dad one day and him telling me "Now don't call it a fanny pack in front of anyone. It's a hip sack." My mom even tried to make me wear one on a high school trip to Six Flags, convinced it was the only safe way to store money and personal items while riding rollercoasters. But thankfully I'd already sent it to Goodwill right along with my slap bracelets.

What about you? Did you rock a fanny pack? I wonder what the embarrassing fad item will be for Suzi's generation...

Maybe these are the hot new thing in Scotland and I'm just an idiot.


Jules said...

I am proud to say I have never worn a fanny pack. But there are many other shameful fads in my shoulder pads, new kids on the block cassettes, tow socks, acid wash jeans, tall bangs--yeah, I know, I'm a wee bit older than you!

GrandmaKathleen said...

I own and still occasionally use my chocolate brown fanny pack that I have called a hip pack or waist pack since I never wore in on my butt.
It worked much better than a purse on the shoulder or in the hand, since my regular handbag gets too heavy for the shoulder, so this way I only carry what's important, so I can travel lite.
If I am going shipping I just take the essentials I need and then can be hands free to pick up and select what I want to purchase. I have also worn it to places I didn't want to take my handbag, such as when walking the bike trail or the beach, or even going to the casino. As long as I have my license, credit card and coin purse, cell phone and sunglasses/ reading glasses a few tissues and then I am good to go.
I don't think I am ready to get rid of it yet. You will probably get to see it when I visit John Michael and Vicky.

Anonymous said...

mmm... i definitely rocked quite a few fanny packs, and like julie i,too, had a shoulder-pad, high bang love. and those acid wash jeans? i SKINNY ROLLED them. eww... will crocs be a fanny pack thing?

Jenny said...

I bet it could be the Crocs! And I've had two different pairs of those, which I still think are adorable. In 20 years the kids will be saying "I had crocs AND I had those little charms to go in the holes!" I had a few things with shoulder pads in them. The main one was my ROTC uniform in high school, but the military will always wear shoulder pads. My shoulders are narrow so it makes me feel like a football player to wear them.

Vicky said...

I sported one the other day during our yard sale. It was actually up for sale with another one and I decided that I could use it to keep the money that we got. Yeah....I is not the best thing, kept me organized...I'll probably use it again for hiking or something with the boys. I don't think a diaper would fit though. LOL

I guess I don't care really what people think of my fanny pack....I like the convience. I'll wear my designer clothes with my fanny pack and high heels. LOL