Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moby-Wan Kenobi

Today was perfect.

1) Vicky called and told me I won a copy of Margarita Mama and The Rookie Mom's Handbook. Mama Knows Breast was having a contest in which you had to tell about your weirdest craving and then your funniest pregnant or new mom mistake. I told my puke story and won. Yay!

2) When Vicky called she also told me about an unexpected bit of $$$ I'll be getting.

3) We finally got our stimulus payment! (We used ours to stimulate the company of some hardworking guys who lay sod. They did excellent work and we are so happy with our new grass! It looks like someone came and dropped their yard on our mud.)

4) My mom took Suzi and me to buy some ribbon, eat lunch and then to the library. I got my library card and then realized they have some good DVD's you can check out! Who needs stupid old Blockbuster, anyway?

5) I ordered my Jordy a kilt! I can't wait to see him in it. He has nice legs. My dad has recently gotten super interested in his Scottish heritage, and it's contagious. We will be going to Highland Games in several different places over the next few months and we have to have something to wear! Wait'll you see what I'm wearing. This lady is making me something awesome--pictures to follow. It may not be exactly traditional but it's definitely me, and I'll wear it with our tartan.

6) Last night I watched a video on YouTube about how to tie a Moby, and it was a little different than what I'd been doing. It made it possible for me to breastfeed Suzi hands-free so I could "check my email" (my blanket term for email, facebook, blogs, and online shopping; Jordan has figured me out). This carrier reminds Jordan of Obi-Wan. I love it because it's the most versatile, the easiest to get Suzi out of, it's soft and cuddly, it's lavender, and because I can put it on before I leave the house and not have to hassle with it in the parking lot of wherever I'm headed. I just get Suzi tucked in and we're off! I do not, however, feel comfortable with Suzi on my back in this one and I haven't been able to get her there by myself. That'll probably change as she gets older.

7) I just finished a baby blanket with tags for a friend whose shower is tomorrow. I'll go ahead and post the picture because it's unlikely she will read my blog before she gets it. (If you are reading this, don't look!!!) I think it turned out fairly well, especially for my first one. I could've easily finished it tomorrow but I was experiencing flow and decided to finish it tonight. The other day I told Jordan I was "experiencing flow" and he asked me if I had started my period. Hah!

8) Suzi is so funny. In the first picture below she is using her duck as a paci, and in the second she is "riding sidesaddle."


Julie said...

Your baby blanket turned out great! It seems like every project you try just blossoms. Wish mine did. I sewed until late last night and finished my new chemise. It's not quite what I expected, but then I'm no Dayna. I'll get some pictures while we're at the games and post them as soon as we get back.