Friday, May 30, 2008

Labor Day is over! Happy Birthday Suzi!

Last night one year ago I pushed and pushed, and finally got her out. I can't believe she's one year old already! We sang Happy Birthday to her when she woke up and I already got the crying out of the way. (Me... not Suzi.) Here's her first birthday picture:

AWW! My baby is ONE!

Tomorrow, we party.


Vicky said...

It is so hard to watch them grow up. Part of you wants to see them do new things and part of you wants them to stay a baby forever. I feel for you today...both the happiness and sadness! *hugs*

Kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZI!!! COngrats to the mom and pop for their beautiful little girl. I can't believe how much she has grown. I've only known you guys for 9 months, but in those 9 months she has bloomed!

Janya said...

I bet that went by fast! Happy birthday, Suzi!