Thursday, May 22, 2008

A year ago today...

I was disappointed. My bags were packed, Jordan's birthday had been celebrated, and the portable cupcakes I had made him to take to the hospital had been eaten sheepishly at home. And the baby wouldn't come out. I thought with a belly so huge, she'd surely come out early. We played rummy until it got boring, put together a jigsaw puzzle of butterflies, and over-organized our room downstairs at my parents' house. Every time I called Jordan at work I had to preface it with "no, it's not time, but..." Maternity leave was getting old. I continued to wonder at Suzi's feet and elbows as they slid back and forth visibly inside my belly. We had to have a nonstress test in which you push a button every time the baby moves while nurses monitor the machine that goes ping. Suzi slept through the first half hour, so they brought in a buzzer and zapped her. She threw her arms and legs outward in surprise and continued her aerobics for the remainder of the test. We scheduled induction for 6:00 am on Thursday, May 31st.


IA said...

Hey...for me, I thought if my baby came a little later, I would have enjoyed a little bit more sleep, :D My Roo was so excited to be born, he came like two weeks early, and I didn't even know that I was already in labor until it became too painful!

Congratulations, Mommy Jenny! You made it to your first birthday as a mommy! More happy years to come!