Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Daddy

It happened again. On his way home from work, Jordan stopped to buy groceries and a lady mistook him for a Bi-Lo employee. Jordan told her he wasn’t, but helped her get the big box she needed anyway. He’d hate for the fact he doesn’t work somewhere to stop him from delivering excellent customer service.

This is the fourth or fifth time it's happened since I’ve known Jordan. In the past year he was asked in one store where the fruit cups were kept, and in Target, whether or not they carried Lee jeans. I think his sweet babyface is to blame. (Suzi is going to have the same problem when she grows up.) Let’s face it, he looks young! At first glance, people figure he's about 16 and what are 16-year-olds doing in grocery stores? Picking up dinner for their families? No, they’re working there.

He’s even been asked a couple of times if Suzi was his baby sister. Uh, no!

Then there was the time in the UK section of Epcot, when my dad wanted ale and Jordan and I went to pick up the food. When Jordan requested ale the server gave us a troubled look and, in her lovely accent, asked "Who's the ale for?" Well, it was for my dad but it didn't matter. We were both 21! Boy was she surprised when he pulled out his ID!

So just in case you see this man, who is turning 24 this month, by the way, and he’s carrying Suzi around, please don’t ask him if he’s watching baby sister for Mommy!


Vicky said...

LOL He does have a cute little baby face! He is very approachable...looks easy to talk to....and has a gentle and kind "look" to him. When he is 40 he will be glad he only looks 30. We went to the airshow last night...AWESOME...I'll post soon about it!

Theresa said...

Aww, if you age as well your Mama, you'll be 40 and they'll be asking you whose teenagers those are. Notice the plural there. cough cough. Jordan still looks like Kurt in the Sound of Music. Little sweet-faced German boy!

GrandmaKathleen said...

There is no doubt about it, Jordan looks like a teenager. That is good as he gets older he will appreciate those comments about him looking younger. Tell him to accept it as a compliment and say thank you:)
That reminds me of the many times I was mistaken for the daughter of my DH or the sister of my mother. I loved it.