Tuesday, May 13, 2008

17 days left...

And my little girl will be a one-year-old! I can't believe it. We have been getting birthday-ready: making her a little outfit to wear and preparing the house--oh, and the yard! Jordan and his dad have been working on it for weeks, and now it's almost done. We even have grass! They laid our sod Saturday. As you can see, there's a little missing in the back but they're going to finish next week. I never thought I'd be so excited over grass, but when you live in a house for almost a year surrounded by red mud, you may as well not have a yard; you can't walk in it! Now Suzi will have a nice place to play!

On Thursday we had a good time taking Suzi to listen to bluegrass music on the square. She snacked on goldfish crackers and bopped along to the music, but she didn't want to leave the blanket. Grass is scratchy!

She did enjoy pulling the grass out and tasting it.

But when we folded the blanket up (it was almost time to go home) she decided the grass was okay after all.

And this is Suzi riding the Laundry Express. You wouldn't believe some of the crap I come up with when it's just the two of us here. But she likes it.

I'm itching to blog about her birthday outfit I made (it turned out better than I expected) but it'll have to wait a couple more weeks. I don't want to post pictures before her birthday is even here!


GrandmaKathleen said...

The picture of Suzi enjoying the Laundry Express is precious. What a most beautiful radiant smile she has on her face.
Your grass is looking terrific, so green and lush, makes you want to walk barefeet and feel the texture.

Grass is always needed to fill in the dirt and barren spots. In fact I was just mentioning to my DH this afternoon that we needed to go to Job Lot and pick of some grass seeds, the front of our property is so in need of more grass. This past winter did a number on ruining what little grass we did have.

Vicky said...

She is tooooo cute. The Laundry Express is funny! It is amazing what we come up with to entertain the little ones. I think my silly dance is what the boys like...don't even ask me to show you! LOL John has the kissy monster and tickle monster routine perfected.

Having grass makes me happy too. John fertilized ours last night.

Theresa said...

I love the wild hair in the Laundry Basket Express!
And oh sod, how do I love thee? Our yard was all sand, which is by the way, much better than red clay for your white tennies!
Jesse has seen the Sassabies and wants one (actually, two). Does Jennie G's carry them all the time? Email me, okay? tclemens@abac.edu