Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mommy's smashed toe

The other night I was trying to wrap gifts in our little bedroom/office/junk room. I started to walk past the bed and didn't see the hidden wet erase board leaning against it and pretty much smashed my toe on it. (My second toe, not the big one.) It was so painful. My DH Jordan came running because I was screaming and when I sat down and looked I realized I had broken the nail all the way down and it was bleeding--you know, one of those. Jordan was trying to help me but I was so angry because it was his stupid wet erase board that did it, so I started yelling at him about the clutter and said a lot of ugly things I didn't mean, like that I wish all our stuff in the storage unit would be destroyed in a natural disaster. I was sobbing over my toe, and my mascara ran and I looked and sounded like a scary witch! Luckily Baby Suzi was downstairs and didn't hear all this because she would've thought Mommy was crazy.

You may have heard of Flylady. She helps women (and sometimes men) get their houses into order "one babystep at a time." (Look her up here.) It really does bring you peace to have a clean house. I had been doing great on Flylady's system for a couple of months but fell off the wagon when we tried to clean our cluttery storage unit and I got overwhelmed. I unintentionally violated one of her rules: Don't take out more than you can put back in one hour. It's a shame my poor innocent toenail had to die for me to realize I need to start FLYing again. So, Flylady, here's another one for you: Clutter is DANGEROUS! My husband helped me last night and we jumped back in where we were. I'm going to keep my sink shined from now on and try to remember to do my 27 fling boogie every day.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus

Jordan and I did a little shopping yesterday. It was my first time shopping on Black Friday. We dropped the baby off at Grandma's around 4 and went to Central Wal-Mart. It was unsettling to say the least and I'm not sure I'll be going back next year. People camped out for hours in front of the wrapped-up pallet of what they wanted, and if someone else came up at 4:55 trying to get a closer look they gave them an icy glare and blocked the way with an empty shopping cart. Jordan was waiting by the DVD's in the back (where most of them men were), and I was in the front near the clothes and stuff. I'd rather be standing in line with men because while men can usually keep these things in perspective, women will just trample each other beneath a sheer veil of fakey smiles and 'excuse me's.'

We did manage to get our hands on a few good deals. We ended up with about 10 DVD's that cost practically nothing, and I got a lavender Wal-Mart jacket which I will wear proudly. Then we got Suzi a Gobble & Go Hippo which is a walking toy that doubles as a ride-on. It also eats the blocks you throw down in front of it. I got her some Disney princess pajamas that are 12m but she can grow into them, and also some Legos which she may get for her birthday in May because they're too old for her now but were a good deal. We didn't go anywhere else because (our wallet and) I just couldn't take the stress. It is ugly out there.

This morning while we were hanging out in bed, Jordan and I asked Suzi what she wanted for Christmas (just in case it was something we hadn't already bought). It sounded like she said "gwoo an a boonga," but she's too young for glue and it turns out boonga is a strange arcade game that involves poking unsuspecting victims in the butt ( Anyway, I think she will be pleasantly surprised, if not overwhelmed, at the vast array of toys we've selected for her. So add to the list:

Learn-Around Playground by Leapfrog
Pink Chatter Phone
Gobble & Go Hippo
Disney Princess pj's
Piggy bath towel

We're DONE shopping now. Really.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby's First Christmas, and I'm learning to sew

Jordan and I (well, honestly it's been mostly me) have been busy playing Santa for the first time. Here's the current Christmas list of what Santa is bringing Suzi so far:

Gloworm doll
Betty Butterfly rocking toy
2 maracas from Babystyle
Flori toy from Babystyle
Photo mobile
Downtime sleepy hat (sooo cute)

This is only what we've bought so far and doesn't include whatever the Grandsantas may get for her. The worst part is, we haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet. I have several more toys on hold at Jennie G's and Black Friday isn't for another 2 days! Somebody needs to lock up my Mastercard and throw away the key! The kid's favorite activity is chewing on dishcloths, plastic links, and her own toes, so she doesn't even care much about toys. I never meant to turn her into a material girl, but there are just too many cute things out there to buy! I blame this on the fact that I work in Jennie G's and every day must pass by dozens of irresistible high-quality baby items. Not only that, but I like to stay abreast of the changing baby trends, so I read four or five different mommy blogs where I often find new things for Jennie G's (and for Suzi).

To combat my fierce desire to buy things, I decided to put my psychology degree to a little use and redirect myself. I buy new things because I'm bored and want something new and exciting. I also find that I'm drawn to bright colors, and one mustn't underestimate the effect colors can have on mood. So I decided to take up a new hobby, which my mom is helping me with: sewing. It's perfect, because the fabric comes in any color you could want, and my mom has a big stash of fabric that she lets me raid for free! I already have a sewing machine which is brand new (because in the 8 or 9 years I've had it it's almost never been used), so this is turning out to be a very affordable venture indeed. I've had a good time hanging out with my mom too! I'm about halfway done making a quilt for Suzi and I made her a lovey to match it the other day. I'm also making her a tutu, which doesn't really require any sewing but does require pretty colors. I recommend sewing/quilting as a hobby because when you finish a project you feel a sense of accomplishment rather than a sense of I-can't-believe-I-spent-my-whole-paycheck. I'll be sewing a lot of people things for Christmas. They may not be (um, probably won't be) perfect, but the more practice I get the closer I'll get to achieving that domestic goddess status I've been longing for these past three years. Now I just need to learn how to cook.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sad day for football

So Clemson lost tonight. Maybe it was because it was past the tiny cheerleader's (Suzi's) bedtime so she wasn't able to stay up and cheer them to victory. As a matter of fact, neither was Daddy. I took a nap and Jordan took some NyQuil at halftime (we both haven't been feeling well after catching a lovely cold from Suzi). I woke up in the last quarter and Boston College had scored more points while I was asleep. I looked over and Jordan was laid out in the recliner with his eyes shut which is weird for during a football game, especially this one. So I yelled for him to wake up and we watched the end of the game. Then we had to listen to the stupid after-game remarks such as, "Wow, this really is Death Valley tonight, and not for the visitors, but for Clemson!" They pay them to come up with that crap.

The sad thing is that half my family (i.e., the male half) is going to be in a pissy mood over this for the next month, and of course they'll want to discuss it. At least we'll be able to claim ignorance because we slept through most of it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's a tiger... It's a cow... It's a butterfly!

October 31st, 2007 was Suzi's first Halloween (our first Halloween with a baby), and we had a great time. My husband and I selected two costumes for Suzi: a tiger and a cow. We chose the tiger because we're Clemson people, and I added bows so we wouldn't have to deal with the old "aww, isn't HE precious."

Then the cow we got because it was such a good deal and just SO darn cute. Still, it didn't have enough flair so we decided to make her a Chick-Fil-A cow (my favorite fast-food place).

Halloween is over now, but I was reading The Daily Stroll and found this awesome website where they were having a HUGE sale. It's, and if you click on outlet sale you will almost certainly find something you have to have for an indecently low price. I found the costume I REALLY wanted Suzi to have for Halloween but couldn't find/afford, and for less than $10! So, I know Halloween is over but I figured, why not make her a Christmas butterfly or a Baby New Year butterfly? The pictures will still be awesome! (They have other costumes too: a lion, rooster, caterpillar, and dragonfly.)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

That name is taken

I'm the kind of person who enjoys being different. I don't want anyone to have the same idea, same name, same anything as me. Before I named my daughter I combed through top name lists from the past ten years or so and made damn sure I didn't go anywhere near one of those. My name is Jenny, and I spent a sadly substantial part of my formal education trying to figure out if the teacher was talking to me or one of the other Jennies. (Thanks, Mom.) My husband and I chose the name Suzi for our daughter (short for Suzanne), because it is unique and, while it may sound old-fashioned and quirky, we feel she can carry it off.

Naming my blog was therefore a challenge. I wanted it to be baby-related because I will mostly write about my daughter, so the first thing I tried was "The Thinking Chair." At our house, the thinking chair refers to my daughter's bouncy seat or swing when she is using it to facilitate a bowel movement. (When trying to poop, she looks like she is thinking real hard.) This name was taken. It irks me when I can't seem to come up with an original thought.

I named the blog Babyfingers because they are my favorite. There is nothing like having your baby reach her sweet little spitty fingers up and touch your face, or wrap them around your thumb. Those little fingers will grow to do important things, but right now they are usually stuck in her mouth or curled up beside her head as she sleeps. They remind me of why I went through the pain of childbirth. And after all that, it's lucky the name wasn't taken.