Friday, October 12, 2012

Daddy Day

Jordan took Friday off.  Since we'd read a book on Johnny Appleseed and watched a little video about him, we thought we'd take the kids apple picking.  Field trip!  But when we got there, all the apples had come in early and there were none left to pick.  We picked muscadines instead ("muskers," as Suzi calls them) and bought a few apples for our slightly disappointed daughters.  They enjoyed eating them on the way home.

Then we stopped at a little pumpkin patch in a churchyard and let the girls get some little pumpkins.  As we checked out, the girls had a big fight over who would hold which 50 cent pumpkin on the way home.

Then we went home and had PE in the yard with Daddy.  The girls each got a squishy ball and bat at one of our favorite local education supply stores, and Jordan helped them figure out how to hit the ball.  Robert wanted a turn.  He's a little short, though.  You can probably tell he's saying "ball."  The boy loves balls! 

He's saying "cheeeeese."  He does this all the time when I pull the camera out, thinking he is making a pretty smile for the picture.

Great weekend so far!