Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebrating with an ice cream party

Suzi's dentist appointment this morning went so well!  We thought we'd probably be having a pulpotomy with a crown done, but the dentist said he'd try to do just a filling if the cavity wasn't too deep.  We only got the filling and he said he thinks it'll be fine.  Praise the Lord!  I am so happy.  A pulpotomy would've been more complicated, a bit scarier for Suzi (and me), and would have cost about $300 more.  Phew!  I hope the filling will be okay for her; I think it will be.  We'll know in the next couple of weeks.

And let me just say once again that I am so incredibly glad we sought a second opinion.  So glad.  Because we were obviously right.

Now we are celebrating with ice cream, which is good for Suzi because she can't chew with her still-numb mouth.  We are going to hang out and watch movies for most of the day while she recovers.


Amber Strocel said...

I'm crossing my fingers that the filling does the trick. My four-year-old's teeth came in with weak enamel. He's also my child who is totally non-cooperative with the dentist. Right now we're just crossing our fingers that the teeth fall out before it becomes critical, because at this point he's probably need general anesthesia even for a filling. Luckily, my dentist is fabulous and we're on the same page.