Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Suzi wants to do when she grows up

The other day as part of a social studies homeschool lesson, we talked about a bunch of different ways one might make a living as an artist.  Suzi wants to make things to sell in a tent at a craft fair.  In case you can't read the sign, which she dictated and asked me to add to her drawing, it says "SUZI'S TENT--Filled with toys, gifts, boy toys, and decorations, Halloween decorations, anything you need--all made by Suzi (and a few helpers).

Last year I enjoyed selling some of my crafts at our town's Christmas Market.  If I find time to do it again this year, I'm brainstorming several ways for Suzi to try her hand at crafting for profit, too.  If nothing else, I'm sure she'd sell a few items to friends.  Isn't that how we all start?