Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let the Halloween decorating begin!

There is so much to do right now, and it's hard to get anything extra done during the day with the kids.  Usually I'm doing well just to keep up with laundry OR dishes, and keep the kids clean, fed, and homeschooled.  If Robert is giving me a break by napping, eating in his highchair, or playing in the jumperoo, I am probably fixing lunch or planning a homeschool lesson.  Not cleaning or decorating.  Saturdays are my big day to get things done, because while the kids are still here, Jordan is home too and we can help each other.

We are having a Halloween party in a couple of weeks--my favorite kind of party to have, and I can't wait!  Before I have a party, I like to make a countdown checklist with tasks specific to the days leading up to the party, and finally an hourly countdown checklist for the day of the event.  I'm not certain, but I think I saw this idea on the Reluctant Entertainer and it's been a lifesaver for events of all types.  It makes me feel so much better to see that I do have time to get it all done if I do a little each day and stick to the schedule.

Today my goal is to clean a few of our clutter hot spots and decorate them for fall.  I thought if I decorated a little at a time, when it's time for the party I'll just need to put up a few last-minute, tacky, over-the-top Halloween props and I'll be done!  So I'm getting started today.  I might even take before-and-after pics.  It drives Jordan nuts but I love them.  Update soon!