Sunday, October 7, 2012

A cleaning weekend, before and after

We spent most of our at-home time over the weekend cleaning and organizing, and it has made a great difference!  Clear surfaces make my days with the kids so much easier.  The one thing we didn't clean up is the kids' mess.  Their toys are still strewn all over the living room.  They drag them right back out the minute the place is clean, so there was no point.  Here are a few before-and-after shots of what we did clean.

BEFORE:  Dining room, and this is on a good day!


BEFORE:  Front table, which catches all the junk we haul in from the van


BEFORE:  End table next to my office (the recliner where I nurse Robert/get online)


BEFORE:  Other side of the recliner


BEFORE:  Kitchen, with a Jordy who thinks these pictures are silly

 AFTER:  Oh, he likes it.

I realized after putting out my few little Halloween decorations that I need lots more of them.  There are at least a couple more things in the attic.  Other than that, maybe I'll see what I can make or find at thrift shops before hitting Party City or Halloween Express!