Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Halloween decorations

I love Halloween decorating, but right now our budget will not allow me to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on a ton of cute stuff.  That really isn't my style anyway.  I like to make things.  Today I made these two Halloween buntings out of upcycled wool--one sleeve of an orange sweater, part of a black skirt, and a few other little scraps.  The only other materials were hot glue and embroidery floss I already had, so this project cost nothing!  I freehanded the letters, which was easier than I thought, glued them onto the rectangles with hot glue, and then joined the rectangles with a sloppy running stitch.  Easy!  I got the general idea for a trick-or-treat bunting on Pinterest, but lost the link.  Wait a minute, here it is!  Mine turned out quite different.

Since I used the rotary cutter to do the black rectangles and had extras, I figured I might as well make this little bunting too.  I'd still like to make at least a couple more decorations, preferably ones that can be completed in 20 minutes or less while I also watch the kids.  Or better yet, ones I can make with the kids!  Did you know that five-year-old Suzi is at her desk right now, busy as a bee drawing pumpkins and witches and ghosts?  She wants to decorate, too!  I love Halloween.


Amber Strocel said...

Those are awesome. I am so impressed with your craftiness and improvisation!