Saturday, October 13, 2012

Smartphones, finally!

Jordan and I finally got smartphones today!  I have an iPhone 4 and he has a Droid Razr M.  After all these years seeing our friends use theirs, but not having them ourselves, we are having a great time discovering all the things they can do.  I can check the weather, and it automatically tells me the forecast for where I am!  There's a Pinterest app to keep me entertained when I'm stuck waiting somewhere, along with Facebook, of course.  The ability to take pictures and share them on Facebook easily is exciting, and if I forget my camera when we go somewhere I can use the phone as backup.  We now have unlimited texting, and I was pleased to find it's not that hard to hit the right letter on the on-screen keyboard.  When we went to the homeschool conference in August, the #1 product recommendation from one of the unschooling presenters was a smartphone with internet access, so you can research things on the spot.  What's that, Suzi?  You'd like to know what kind of lizard that is?  Just a second, I'll google it!

It's overwhelming, but wonderful.  I am glad we waited, but now I'm also glad to finally have them.  Hooray for technology!