Monday, January 14, 2008

Gloworm in the belly

Tonight I worked on my Belly Girl project some more. After finishing the first one I discovered fusible web, which keeps the fabric from fraying and makes a neater job. I traced and cut out a bunch of these on the way to Columbia this weekend, so they're ready to sew on. The idea also came to me to put an ultrasound picture in the belly. This one is of Suzi when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. It was amazing--we didn't expect to see much this early, but she was jumping around, playing peekaboo and waving. We called her our little gloworm because with her legs curled up that's exactly what she looked like!

Anyway, now I just need to figure out what to do with these. (Let me know if you think of anything.) I want to put one on a bag but first I have to learn to make bags. I also thought about making pregnancy heat packs because I frequently required heat packs when I was pregnant. I don't want to use rice, though--does anyone know where I could get some flax seeds? I have a flax seed heat pack I bought at Impressions (Jennie G's sister store) and I love it! It has a combination of smelly herbs in it and is very relaxing. Rice is okay but it seems to overpower any other scent you might use.

I'm going to go hang out with Jordan now! Good night!


Theresa said...

Honey, you had better figure out how to copyright or trademark your idea. It's fantastic and it's going to be copied! What a great idea! You need to get on etsy and sell them. NOW!!! My sister made me a flaxseed eye pillow - I'll ask her where she bought it.

Beth said...

Hey! Oh I'll probably try to come in tomorrow...we try to take one "field trip" a day to get Elaina out of the house...she goes stir it's been really cold and we put them on under her pants to prevent bare leg b/t the pants and socks :-) So maybe we'll run into you there!