Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Suzi's first snow!

It's snowing! Jordan is so excited. Here he is with Suzi, who is wearing her pink ski jacket from Miss Beth. She's a little young to play in the snow this year, but we may take her for a walk in it. It snowed last year around this time and Jordan and I went for a walk with Suzi in utero. Actually, we'd probably go for a walk right now if Suzi wasn't in bed asleep. This is also our house's first snow. That's right, this time last year our house was just a twinkle in the builder's eye. It's so hard to believe!

The snow is not such a great thing for Jennie G's. One of our ladies has already gone on a mission trip, and Vicky and I are both probably staying home tomorrow, so the two girls who may still be going tomorrow are going to be busy! (Sorry you guys.)

I was watching American Idol with Jordan but I got tired of it. Fingernail boy grossed me out. I was enjoying a drink when he pulled out his bag of nail peelings. Yuck. Last night was worse; watching people's dreams get smashed to bits before their eyes is not what I'd call a good time. No matter how bad their singing is.

Now for a snow picture of our house:

And maybe one more...

My mom got this picture of Suzi doing a push-up. She can do at least three now, and not girly ones either! I can't even do one so I'm pretty impressed! I don't know why she does this--it seems like it'd be easier to just crawl. Maybe she's training to join the Army?

I'm going now to cuddle with Jordy. Good night!


Theresa said...

I love the snow pics - no snow for us here!
And the Suzi push-up pic is too precious - I love it!

Janet Lee said...

I just found your blog linked off of Julie's. I love Suzi's pushups--what a strong girl! I hope to see you at the next NINO meeting.