Wednesday, January 9, 2008

John Edwards in Clemson!

Yesterday we found out John Edwards was coming to speak at the Military Heritage Plaza at Clemson University, and I wanted to go. My mom drove me and Suzi up to Tillman where Jordan works and dropped us off, then parked and met us outside. He's my favorite candidate and was in 2004 also. He related to the crowd of mostly college students well, and my favorite thing he said was we need to "believe the son of a mill worker can become the President of the United States of America!"

Here are my pictures of him. My mom got a better one, which is on this post of her blog. She didn't even want to go (squeezing through a noisy throng of college students isn't her cup of tea), but when John Edwards came within just a few feet of her and she heard his speech she got into it. She's proud of that picture too. Then on the way back to the van she had her first Red Bull, given to her by the Red Bull ladies who drive the car. (Adventurous, right? It reminds me of the time she refused to go see Harry Potter with us because it was "too late" but then she changed her mind when my brother Paul cut her to the quick by calling her a Muggle. She ended up having fun!) Please notice the guys in the tree, who probably have some of the best seats. Kind of reminds me of Zaccheus.

And here's Suzi loving on her lovey I made to match her quilt. She doesn't even mind that I scorched a little of the fleece with the iron. What a sweet girl.


Julie said...

Your pics turned out great!

It's not nice to tell tales on our mama!