Monday, January 7, 2008

We've got balls!

I'm talking about these balls, of course:

My mom taught me to make them today! My ankle is still healing so I've been sitting around a lot, and that's really conducive to sewing. I also finished Suzi's quilt, so now I can mess around with other projects! Here's a list of things on my to-sew list:

ruffly skirt for Suzi
mei-tai, podegi, or wrap carrier for Suzi
doll for Suzi
edgy flame-print fleece blankie for Suzi
more balls (for Suzi)

Gee... I guess I know why I only recently took up sewing! Here are two pictures of the quilt. I fell in love with the tumbling bunnies motif, which is why I started this project.
It's a tie quilt and I did finally get the corners mitered, but you'll notice I'm not showing them off in a picture. That's because they're nothing to write home about.

I wrapped SuSu up in the quilt to feed her before she went to bed. The funny thing about this picture is, with my hair in a ponytail like that, it's reminiscent of pictures of me "mothering" dolls as a child. I guess I am living my dream!

I've been meaning to write about this too for a while. For three years Jordan and I have had some beautiful china and crystal, but until recently we had nowhere to put it. For Christmas, Jordan's parents gave us this awesome antique china cabinet! They didn't shrink from the challenge of wrapping it either, although they did leave it in a closet for us to find rather than hauling it into the living room.

And finally, a picture of a cute sleeping baby. That's a mouse puppet she's got a grip on (we call her Molly Mouse). We were playing with her in the bed and she just sort of passed out! A rare and special event for a child who normally fights sleep.

P.S. My mom finally broke down and got a blog today! Now you can read what she's been doing too. It's called Knotted Apronstrings.


Theresa said...

Hey, I've got balls, too! But mine were decidedly lopsided. I gave them to the twins, who didn't care how they looked.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I really wish I knew how to sew. I started to learn to knit a few years ago, but I dropped the ball on that one. :( Cool ball project, and adorable baby!

Jane, Pinks & Blues