Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas sewing

Now that Christmas is over I can talk about what I made. Here they are:

I made these Christmas ornaments for Mama Susie (top left), Jordan and me (top right), and Jordan's parents (bottom). I also made one for Jordan as we decided to make each other gifts rather than blow a bunch of money, but that one is not pictured. (You should see the ornament he made me--it's adorable. He made it out of golf tees, extra strong molding putty, and red pipe cleaners. It's a snowflake with our logo on it: JWH^2. But he already packed it away in the attic and I don't have the heart to ask him to dig it out.) Anyway, my mom (Julie) taught me to make these quilted ornaments. They were easy to do, but when you're done you have a personalized gift; they are big on thought, not cost. Besides, cross-stitched ornaments in little round wooden frames are so 1970's.

These only take a few minutes to make. I printed the pictures on special fabric you can run through the printer. The best part is picking out what fabric would look nice with the photo and then you just log cabin around the picture however you'd prefer. The rest is pretty self-explanatory; just finish it as a pillow and sew the ribbon into the top. My mom once made one of these for each of her 25 or so kindergarteners. She's an ambitious little thing.

On a sadder note, my quilt for Suzi was not finished in time for Christmas. I plan to work on it soon, before I start any more projects. All I have to do is blindstitch the binding on the back and miter the corners, which is tough. I might get a chance to work on it tomorrow though since it's my day off. Suzi and I are going to a babywearing meeting with Megan and then I'm shopping for thread with my mom. I want to get this quilt finished soon!


Vicky said...

I want to make these! You have become little Mrs. Homemaker! I still want the pie recipe too! Have fun at the meeting!