Friday, January 4, 2008

So I had a bad day...

I got off to a good start. I had an 8:00 retail meeting at work, and I was in the car ready to go by 7:30 EXCEPT I had to run back in and get my breastpump supplies. On the way back out I was getting a little excited about my day so I sort of ran to get in the van. (Weird, I know, but Megan says she knows what I'm talking about.) I was just a couple of feet away from the van when I twisted my ankle and almost fell on the ground. It hurt but this has happened to me several times before and it's never amounted to anything, so I got in and started driving to work. About halfway there I decided to call Jordan and see about going to Urgent Care to get it x-rayed because it hurt a lot when I put on the brakes (it was my right foot). He met me at the hospital since I was headed there anyway.

They did x-rays and it's not broken but only sprained. The nurse did the ace bandage/splint thing and Jordan took the day off to help me with Suzi. I'm now the proud owner of a lovely pair of crutches which I'll be using for a week. The stupidest thing is I was fine until I ran back for the breastpump parts, and after I sprained my ankle I didn't make it to work so I didn't even need them!

But don't worry, there's good news! My mom Julie, a breast cancer survivor, has now been cancer-free for five years! This is a great way to start the new year and we are so happy for her.

And these pictures were taken by my mom today. My daughter... she's so talented!