Monday, November 3, 2008

Never leave your partner behind

Yesterday my parents were kind enough to watch Suzi while Jordan and I went on a date. I had read about the movie Fireproof on a blog and decided we needed to see it. After watching the trailer, I was lukewarm about it (the trailer makes it look like it could be a little cheesy) but when I read its ratings on Yahoo I saw that it must be amazing.

And it was. I think every couple should go see this movie. It's about a fireman who rescues people from burning buildings and smashed cars but whose own marriage is in serious trouble. His wife barely acknowledges him, except to remind him of his shortcomings, and he believes she is the problem because she shows him no respect. After planning to go forward with a divorce, he speaks with his father who convinces him to give his marriage 40 days. His father sends him a book called The Love Dare, and every day he is to change one thing about the way he treats his wife. The results are not always what you'd expect.

This is a Christian film, and I liked that about it. Some people who rated the movie commented that they didn't like the Christian aspect because the story was "good enough without it." Hello--building a faith-based marriage was the entire point of the movie!

Best of all, the makers of this movie have published The Love Dare so you can buy it and try it out on your own marriage. Naturally, Jordan and I had to have a copy. I thought I would get it and try to do the things myself for Jordan, but by the time the movie was over I wanted the book yesterday, so we had to go buy it. On the way out of the theatre, as I suggested we stop at the bookstore on the way home, Jordan chuckled and admitted "I was actually going to order a copy online." (He's a prince, I tell you.) You can get them at Books-a-Million, but I think they are cheaper online. I haven't had a chance to read more than a page yet, but it looks amazing. There is scripture, like any devotional, and then an explanation of the day's challenge, and then the dare. After you finish the dare there is a place to write about how things went. What an amazing memoir to look back on at your 25th or 50th anniversary!

Today is Day 1 for us, and we are supposed to go all day without saying anything negative to one another. If we are tempted to say something negative, we are to say nothing at all. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am so lucky to have a husband who agreed to see this movie with me without whining. Very few men want to see it; I think most men would rather have their toenails painted and legs waxed while watching Bridezillas than confront the idea that something may need to change in their marriage. But my husband went, and I didn't have to drag him. I never do! He trusts that if I say something's important, it must be important, and I just wanted to say that's what I'm thankful for on this November morning.

Go to the movie. Go. Just go.


mhgood said...

I wasn't going to go see this movie because I, too, thought it would be cheesy. But I won free tickets in some contest online (which I don't even remember entering), so we went. And it was amazing! With my tickets, they sent me a copy of the Love Dare book, too, and hopefully we'll get our act together and start it soon. :-)

Vicky said...

This sounds interesting and maybe something John and me might do. Thanks for blogging about it.

Ginny Marie said...

I was wondering what this movie was about. It's been hard to find a good movie lately! My hubby and I have a date night coming up, and I'm going to try to convince him to see this with me!

Andrea said...

Hey! Congrats! You won a cloth swim diaper from a giveaway on my blog this past week!!! I emailed you with the if you don't see it check your junk mail. :)

Melissa said...

We both want to see this movie, I love that you took the movie experience a step farther and tried something totally out of the box that loooks like it will be awesome for your marriage!