Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Love Dare, days 4 and 5

For day four, Jordan and I were to call one another at some point during the day, just to check on each other. This was a little silly since we ended up talking to each other twice, but we did it anyway. I usually call Jordan at least a couple of times a week, but this was different because normally I'm calling to ask a favor and this time I was calling to see if there was anything I could do for him. Then he called me later in the afternoon.

Day five was trickier. I will sort of quote the task to keep it from getting wordy and confusing: Ask your partner to share three things you do which make him feel uncomfortable or irritated with you. Now who really wants to know that? And the catch was that you weren't allowed to attack your partner or defend yourself. The funny part is, during arguments, we've had an easy time thinking up half a dozen of one another's faults! Yet since we've begun the Love Dare we haven't argued once, and haven't even come close. This time we gently and thoughtfully offered one another our areas for improvement, realizing it might hurt to hear them. We gave each other three things but Jordan and I decided not to forfeit all of our privacy, so I will just share one of each.

First, Jordan told me I sometimes say "I'm just going to check my email," at which point I will get sidetracked and spend an hour or more on the computer. This had happened the night before, because I got an email which reminded me that we needed to order Suzi's big Christmas gift. Then I stayed up late (and woke Jordan up) to order it. He was right; I do need to work on that.

I had a hard time thinking of three annoying things about Jordan. I told him he sometimes procrastinates household tasks--even ones he has agreed to do. I think this is fairly common among husbands, and I know I also do it myself.

I am going to try to work on the things he mentioned. They are all written down and stuck in our book. For today, day six, we are to find areas to add "margin" to our schedule. We read the lesson, which was about how to overcome irritability, last night. It pointed out that stress is a main cause of irritability. I can definitely see how that applies to my life, because it doesn't take much to get me wound up. I know this is something I need to work on too.


Melissa said...

I think what you guys are doing is so neat!