Thursday, June 19, 2008

Milestone (and a few little extras) video

1) We bought this for Suzi's birthday, and at first I hated it because it wasn't the quality I'd hoped for (like mine from 1985) but Suzi loves it. She doesn't differentiate between this phone and a real cell phone; when you hold it to her ear she gets the same expectant little grin on her face.

2) She's walking! Yay!

3) I'm going to go ahead and predict that she'll ask to take dance lessons in a few years.

4) "NO!" This is adorable now, but I'm guessing the cuteness will continue to deteriorate as we approach the teenage years.

5) I'm pretty sure she's bluffing here--I keep telling her she's cute.

6) Watermelon = more wet diapers to change!

7) She's been picking her nose for the past couple months, after she figured out (as my dad phrased it) "her nose has two holes in it!"

Today was my day off with Suzi. Carey, Tallulah and Clementine came over to play! Carey and I talked while Clementine attentively mommied a doll and Tallulah played with Suzi and ate some goat cheese. Suzi showed off her new walking skills. Jordan and I went to the farmer's market on the square and hopefully tomorrow night we will be going back to listen to bluegrass. Suzi enjoyed it last time--the music and the attention she got from the people around us!


IA. said...

Hey there! Made me smile to know Suzi has learned the N-O word. Believe me, you won't even get past the toddler years before that word becomes "un-cute." Sometimes I want to go back to the before No moments of my baby's life...

Vicky said...

Priceless! What great memories caught on camera....especially the boggie episode!

GrandmaKathleen said...

What a way to start my morning:)
Many smiles
What priceless memories of events you recorded. They are sensational. Suzi is so adorable.

It brought back my memories of being in SC last August and seeing Braydon at 16 months say "No" for everything, whether he wanted it or not. He would tilt his head off to the side and say so clearly "NO"
I used to say, "say YES"

Emily said...

I just wanted to point out that I noticed Suzi was bopping along the beat! You have a natural born dancer, I think.

Emily said...

Oops, I meant on the beat!

Jessica Peppel said...

God Jenny, she is so adorable, and keeps getting more adorable by the day! You are truely blessed!