Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She's so sweet

These cake pictures are from June 5--I have just now gotten around to blogging this! I was having a horrible day due to stupid insurance problems. Jordan and I are trying to decide when might be a good time to try for another baby (no, we are not pregnant), and it looks as though we'll be paying for it out of pocket because we want to go to a birthing center and our insurance company will not cooperate! (This may delay our plans considerably.) Suzi was enjoying the last of her birthday cake.

But then she noticed I was feeling sad.

Here Mommy. Have some cake. It's my last piece, but--you eat it. It'll make you feel better.

She's so thoughtful.

And in other news, those chubby little legs have (in the past week or so) taken off! That's right, she's walking! Luckily she's walking slowly so I can still easily catch her. Video evidence coming soon.


Beth said...

Whoo hoo for walking! (it's a whole new world now!) That stinks about the insurance...if you don't mind my asking, what kind do you have that won't pay for it? :-(

Anonymous said...

there is a bill (??) in the works of some kind in south carolina that would require insurance to pay any birth attendant, provided she/he was licensed/certified by the state. change may be on the way!

Jenny said...

We have BCBS State insurance. It's not for sure yet that they won't pay, but we've called and talked to three different reps, and got three different answers! They need to get their crap together and come up with one answer. The last thing we were told was they would pay as long as the person was in their network of providers. However, we could not find any nearby birth centers in their database. I need to call back and ask for a list but I get so ticked off when I talk to them that it ruins the rest of my day!

Vicky said...

She's walking!!!!!!! hahahaha
I knew it wasn't going to be long. That is so exciting.

Kacie said...

Your little one is sooo cute!

It really stinks that your insurance company could hold you back from having a child when you want one.

I hope that you can talk with the birthing center about your concerns. Sometimes, they can work things out, making it much more affordable.

Best wishes! I know it's really frustrating.

Kacie said...

Oh, and one other option if you can't get the birth center to work out: What about finding a medical practice that has OBs and midwives? You could have a midwife attend your birth, if that's what you wanted.

Might still be in a hospital, but just thought I'd throw that out there.

IA said...

Hooray for Suzi!!! She has taken her first step, and there's no looking back :D So nice of her to share her cake with mommy :D