Monday, June 2, 2008

Our little birthday girl


Her birthday outfit! She didn't care for the headpiece, but she wore it a few seconds.

Our cake-crusted princess

Now that's a Grandma Julie smile if I ever saw one!

They made her cry the night before, but Suzi eventually decided she likes balloons.

Patty made the cake. It was huge, chocolate, and moist and it disappeared quickly!


Kelly said...

Aww...her tutu was to cute! I bet you guys had a blast. I can't wait to see all the other pictures. I bet she can't wait for her next birthday!

IA said...

Happy birthday Suzi! Happy birthday to you too Jenny! It's been a year since you became a mommy :D Happy, and fun days are ahead as Suzi learns to run around, and talk, and interact, and...

Vicky said...

We really had a good time at Suzi's party. She was so cute and I loved it when she finally decided to eat her cake.

Kelly said...

I finally got to watch the video! It was hilarous! She had a ball with that cake!