Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear Computer Desk, It's not you, it's us.

You were a good computer desk, but it's time. The fact is you were just too big to fit in the living room! We got tired of running upstairs every time we wanted to check our email, and you cluttering up the guest room? That just wasn't working. Sorry.

If anyone wants this free computer desk, email me (the_other_alice_ (at) We'd prefer if you could come over and pick it up. It's in good shape, and you can use the shelves on top or take them down. We'll clean off our hot mess first! The chair is not available; I think it's going to Jennie G's. If the desk is not taken in a couple of days I'll post it on Freecycle.

Speaking of Freecycle, the Clemson group will be four years old on July 4th! My brother Paul told me about Freecycle when I was in college, and when I found there wasn't a group in Clemson, Jordan and I started one. I sent emails asking my friends to join, and we even wrote "" all over the sidewalk at the University and put up fliers to spread the word. I remember being so excited when we hit 40 members! Now the group is at nearly 1600 and it makes me happy to see how it has grown. It's been a long time since I've posted any items, but I still moderate the group. I need to do some decluttering and offer some stuff!

Anyway, I am now happily blogging away down here in the living room from our quirky stool we bought at Goodwill today. It may look funny but it beats being isolated in the guest bedroom upstairs! We repurposed the table, which we bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago. It first served as a kitchen table in the house we rented, but when we moved we put it out on our balcony, thinking we might go out there to eat breakfast sometime. Yeah, right. We will probably paint the top black later to match our bookshelves. The beauty of it is the table has two plain stools, which I can recover and put at our counter! Then all I'll need to do is buy one or two similar ones and cover them with the same fabric. That shouldn't cost much.

Ahh. This is so much better.


Emily said...

LOL I remember seeing the "" writings all over when I was at Clemson! Never knew y'all were behind it. So impressed- you must feel great that it's grown so much!