Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good hair day

(Pay no attention to the shampoo in the background!)

Yesterday was a good hair day... I started following Julie's hair care advice. On a wash day (every other day) my hair is usually standing out a few inches from my head. Blow-dried or not, conditioned or not, it doesn't matter. The only thing I have found to tame it is a hair iron, but that's a hassle and if it's humid outside (and in South Carolina, when isn't it?) it'll just frizz right back out.

I took a couple of dollar-store sippy cups we weren't using and mixed some baking soda and water in one, then poured some apple cider vinegar in the other. The baking soda didn't feel so nice, but if you get your head covered in the baking soda solution, scrub it in, and then pour on the vinegar it gets better. I was surprised to find once I rinsed I could easily get a brush through my hair even without conditioner! I did blow-dry a little (can't go to work with wet hair) but it was shiny and smooth once it dried. Then all I needed was lavender oil so I could mix it with water and use it as hairspray. I went to Impressions and was disappointed that they didn't have any, but then spotted this bottle of Cooky's lavender linen spray. The lady who makes it is local (her name is Edwina, not Cooky). I called her up to be sure it was only water and lavender oil, and she said the only other thing in it was a solution to allow the water and oil to mix. It smells good and rids my hair of any leftover vinegar smell. (This morning while I was in the shower Jordy stuck his head in the door to say "You smell like a french fry... That's a good thing!" It may be good for him, because he likes a little fries with his vinegar, but I prefer to smell like lavender when I go out in public.)

We will see how the shampoo withdrawal period goes. I have always been hair-challenged so I may have to get Carey to teach me the up-dos she mentioned on Julie's blog!


Beth said...

I read Julie's post about this but I'm afraid to try it. My hair gets super greasy if I don't wash it everyday! Do you think it would help with that? I may have to give it a try....

Jenny said...

It might help! It did help my frizzies, and I think most hair problems are things hair does to compensate and protect itself from abuse (blow-drying, hairspray, over-shampooing, etc). I don't think the withdrawal period happens if you do the baking soda/ACV every day. I haven't experienced withdrawal yet and Carey said the same thing. I might try to skip washing tomorrow, but I have to work so we'll see :-)