Saturday, April 19, 2008

Found a peanut

Another Saturday of yard-saling, and boiled peanuts at the Jockey Lot are the best thing we found. They were perfect in every way and I still have half a cup of them in the fridge waiting for me. It was weird eating them though. Made me feel like I should be watching football.

Worst sale of the day? The Junior League sale. I had a bad feeling when we pulled into the fairgrounds, and I should have listened to that inner voice saying drive away, drive away... But we went up to the door and paid a buck each just to get in. Note to self: If anyone ever tries to make you pay a cover charge for a yard sale again, run like hell. To top it all off, they stamped our hands in permanent blue ink (it won't come off, it's like a tattoo). I guess they allow pass-outs at these yard sales. These women really thought a lot of their stuff although it was picked over 30 minutes in. And, as a sign pointed out, prices were firm. We bought a couple of things but nothing to write home about.

The day got worse as we went to a yard sale and saw three matching barstools that would have been perfect for our counter, and while we were thinking it over and changing Suzi's clothes (she peed a river) a lady bought them out from under us. And they were cushioned, and a good color and everything. Boo-hoo. I have waited long enough for barstools. If we have not found a good deal on three or four of them by Suzi's birthday (May 30), we are going shopping and paying retail.

We did have a decent day at Goodwill though. Here are my favorite finds of the day:

1) A coffee press for those times when we only need one little cup of coffee (more often than one might think). Goodwill, $3.00.

2) A book of ways to use things you'd normally throw away. For instance, you can save your empty lipstick tubes to hold needles, straight pins, and other small objects. Yard sale, 50 cents.

3) Yarn, a bunch of it. Some matches, some doesn't, but I thought I'd pick it up anyway. Goodwill, $3.00.

4) Cute wooden bus for Suzi. Junior League yard sale, $1.00.

5) This last one is my favorite. Does anyone recognize it? We probably would have thought it was a broken bell, but our friends Sara and Jim had one at their wedding. It's a silver-plated German wedding cup the bride and groom can both drink from at once. We are already married, but we'll save it for Suzi. At this price, we couldn't leave it there to be misunderstood any longer. Goodwill, 60 cents.

And here's what Suzi's been doing lately... Climbing me:

And playing in the kitchen floor while I do housework. Lovely!

We went to Vicky's son Braydon's birthday party this afternoon. He was two! Suzi had a great time, because Nolan (3) kindly brought out a giant pile of toys for her to play with during her visit! Braydon was adorable. He's one of the happiest babies I've seen! No pictures, but I'm sure Vicky will have a bunch up soon anyway.


Vicky said...

I LOVE BOILED PEANUTS TOO!!! Most of my family think I am nuts... no pun intended! LOL

I like your treasures you found.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Theresa said...

I'm just catching up - you found quinoa at Hochstetler's??? Yikes, I need to get some (and we were just home this weekend. sigh.)

Anonymous said...

to which email would you like for me to reply to the midwifery questions? should i look to the nino yahoo group's info? you can also call me, but i can't remember if you have my number or not...

Janya said...

Don't you love that leg-climbing move? It is too sweet! How old is Suzi? She seems about the same age as my guy, born 7/11/07.

I have 4 barstools I'm dying to get rid of for cheap...too bad you live so far away!