Saturday, March 26, 2011

My beautiful, peaceful birth space

It's hard to explain in words what it means to walk into this space to give birth instead of into a hospital room.

I feel relaxed here. It's our bedroom. It's big enough to hold everything I need for a birth. More importantly, though, I know what to expect. It's incredibly reassuring to be able to envision where our baby will be born. I already know there won't be any irritating odors or clocks in annoying places or distracting noises or signs. I already know where everything is located. We also don't have to haul my stuff in in bags at the last minute and hope we remembered it all.

Here is my birth tub, which is a La Bassine. We have a hose and shower adapter all ready to fill it up from our bathroom, but right now we are using it to store some of our supplies for the birth--extra pillows and two clean sets of sheets for our bed, along with a pool noodle.

We cleared the end of our dresser for our midwife to set up her supplies. (Yes, she brings life-saving supplies in case something goes wrong--a lot of the same stuff they have at the hospital.)

The rocking chair in the corner is the same rocking chair Jordan's mom rocked him in when he was a baby. The blue blanket was made by one of the ladies at my church. My mom bought it at a silent auction years ago and was saving it for her first grandson. She just gave it to me at my Blessingway.

Oh, and that thing standing up behind the chair is a Bed Bug Bumper--our device of choice to cosleep safely with Robert. It'll go over here, on my side of the bed, once he's arrived.

Speaking of the bed, the quilt was made by my mom as a wedding gift for me. Look at this gorgeous butterfly! It makes me happy to know it'll be at the birth.

This is the shelf we have overlooking our birth tub. It has candles, just in case it's dark enough for a candlelight birth. There's also the Willow Tree figurine Jordan's parents gave us for Suzi's birth and a photo of our family on Jordan's first Father's Day. Then there are my birth beads from the people I love.

There's also room on the shelf for other items such as an icy glass of coconut water with bendy straw and whatever else I might need. Down below the shelf are a couple of practical items: a lined trash can just in case I need it during transformation and an electric fan in case I get hot. I got so hot last time but this time will probably be better. There's a nice ceiling fan in the bedroom--and also, it won't be the middle of August. Oh, and the alarm clock on the table above is turned away from the birth tub so I can forget about what time it is and focus on Baby Robert's birth.

There is a TV in our room just in case Jordan and I feel like turning a movie or something on. I doubt it but you never know. I really like that picture frame and am planning to put a belly shot of me and Jordan in it.

I hung my Storchenwiege wrap up in the closet doorway. I could hold on to it and lean forward, or squat, or whatever feels comfortable. I'm pretty sure some women even get into position for pushing using one. I love this wrap. Jordan and I both carried Ivey in it when she was a baby, and the colors are vibrant and beautiful.

Last but not least, there are these two. We are planning for Suzi to stay for the birth (she wants to "help catch Robert") and for Ivey to go spend some time with Maw and Paw. Then Ivey will be brought over to meet her little brother as soon as possible afterwards. Jordan and I were able to talk things over and make that call. You can't do that just anywhere. Nor can you hand-pick every single person who will be with you at your birth, which is what we've done.

I love it in here. It's exactly the birth space I wanted for me and my baby. I wish every mother could have her perfect safe, special birth space. I know every mother should have it--whatever it might be for her.


Emily said...

What a perfect birthing space! I'm so excited for you!

Is that a birthing bracelet in the picture- did you get it during your blessingway? I had a bracelet with Lucy and a necklace with Junie, and I so treasure them.

Amy @ Anktangle said...

It's so beautiful! I loved reading this sound so at peace. What a wonderful way to bring a new person into the world!

Julia @ Natural Parents Network said...

What a peaceful environment you have created for your birthing time. Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

I love your space! You've created it with such intention, and it's perfect. :)

Hippie Housewife said...

What a beautiful birth space! So peaceful and perfect. :)

mombeams said...

Oh what an awesome place to give birth! I feel peaceful just looking at it!

Momma Jorje said...

Beautiful! And so many, many beautiful peaceful things there for your family. Just awesome. And downright pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Well, now that I've shared it on Sunday Surf, I'll finally circle back around to leaving a comment to let you know how much you've inspired me! Actually, my first thought was, Can I give birth at your house? Followed quickly by the despair that only the 8th month of pregnancy can engender, because my room right now is not the peaceful place I want it to be. Fortunately, I started talking it over with Sam, and he agrees with me that it's a priority to get it that way. So we are starting.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space!

Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Oh, my ovaries! I'm snuggling between two of my children as I read this in the room where these two were born. Your gorgeous post makes me want to get pregnant and have another delicious home birth.