Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to my mom and a late pregnancy list

My mom, photo by Jenn at my Blessingway

1) Today is my lovely mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mama! I'm sorry I don't have your gift finished yet.

2) These girls. They play together so much these days. Of course, it also means they fight, but I love to see them interacting. Ivey yells "Shooozhee!" and tells her to "eet! eet!" and sometimes, if Suzi is throwing a fit, Ivey tells her to hush. Here's Ivey playing dress-up in the armhole of one of my shirts, much to Suzi's amusement.

And Suzi pretending to be a dog named Poopsie. It's funny when Ivey joins in and starts crawling around and panting.

They discovered that twice as much mischief can be had in the rocking chair with two.

The other day Ivey wore herself out so bad that we left her sitting in the recliner for a couple of minutes and when we came back she had fallen asleep looking like Winnie the Pooh.

I love them so, so much. But they make me so, so tired.

3) I just realized we need a couple of things from Whole Foods for the birth. Myrrh is one, which is for the placenta encapsulation process, and I also wanted some Rescue Remedy. I guess this means we'll be filling our gas tank again sooner than we thought. WHY can't we get a Whole Foods or an Earth Fare or a Trader Joe's just a little closer to home? They pile them into the cities!

4) In my desire to have everything ready for the birth, which we feel will probably be in the first half of April, I made a day-by-day countdown to-do list. Unfortunately my organizational enthusiasm exceeds my energy and I doubt all those things will get done. Everything wasn't done for Ivey's birth either and we survived and I'd even say it was pleasant. With Suzi, nothing was done. As of her birthday we were renting a house that was a gigantic mess, had yet to close on the new home we were buying, and were set to bring her home to my parents' house. Oh and Jordan had just started a new job the month before and had almost no time to take off. Compared to that nightmare, this time everything is perfect!

5) I can't wait to go to the chiropractor tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Robert has stayed in a good position since my adjustment Monday, but I want to keep him there. I've also been doing a lot of bending and lifting and don't feel great. What did I do without the chiropractor the last two times?

6) The priorities still on my list:
- buy those supplies
- sterilize Robert's umbilical cord tie we made at the Blessingway
- make my belly cast
- attempt to make a dress/gown for me to wear during the birth
- put together new activity bags for the girls
- do a wool wash and lanolize Robert's diaper covers
- get all the cameras ready
- make a playlist of birth music
- dig into my list of crafts, which are mostly for other people
- clean house one last time before the birth

Jordan is off tomorrow, so we are going to run a bunch of errands and get some of these things done. Everything will be fine even if we get none of them done, but I'd really like to do at least most of them before the birth. I am 38 weeks 5 days and so far, today is not feeling very productive.


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