Saturday, March 5, 2011

36 weeks right... now.

It's Friday night, and Jordan is asleep on the couch and I am just coming off a nesting high. My mother-in-law came today. We met Jordan for lunch with the girls and then he went back to work and we went shopping. It was fun, and the girls were so sweet too, until Ivey got sleepy. I made an extra trip out to the van just to drag out the stroller because she kept darting away from us in Belk's. She rode nicely in the stroller for about ten minutes before saying "I'm done." She didn't just mean she was done with the stroller, though. She was done with shopping. There was a major tantrum all the way back to the van, which was a pretty long walk. Poor Nana carried kicking, screaming Ivey part of the way for me. She fell asleep on the way home, of course.

We did get Robert a couple of cute little outfits and four Aden & Anais muslin swaddling blankets with adorable zoo animals on them. I love them so much. Most of what we got was for the girls, though.

And I've gotten a ton of stuff done today. I'm going to make a list, because that would make me happy.

1) Set up a changing station for Robert in the top two drawers of my bedside table. All his little Kissaluvs are in there, but I do need to find the rest of our newborn diaper covers.

2) Picked out and ordered gifts for Robert to give his big sisters. Suzi is really into Toy Story right now, and she's been going on and on about wanting a Woody doll. So we ordered Woody for Suzi and Buzz Light Year for Ivey. Suzi calls him Buzz Life Year.

3) Threw together my basket of comfort tools for my birthing time. Just my flaxseed heat packs and stuff. I didn't go all out this time like I did last time, because we hardly used any of it. Ooh, I do need to find the wooden rolling pin though. Or maybe I will just grab the one out of the kitchen.

4) Packed up all the towels and stuff like Robert's first outfit in a bin for the birth. This took me a lot longer last time. I feel so efficient!

5) Got all the kids' new clothes into the wash. Soon it will be folded and put away.

Here's what's left to be done:

1) Buy a few supplies
2) Make sweater flowers to decorate inside of belly cast
3) Make belly cast
4) Freeze some casseroles
5) Plan some birth day snacks
6) (Try to) make a birthing gown for me to wear
7) Make Robert some cute wool diaper covers (shorties)
8) Get all the cameras (Flip, camcorder, and regular) ready to go
9) Make CD of music for the birth
10) Install the car seat
11) Clean our bedroom and bathroom (I'll end up doing it five times)
12) Set up Robert's Bed Bug Bumper
13) Make a bunch of crafts--there are several things to finish before the big day!

Tomorrow my parents are keeping the girls for a while, and depending on our mood we're either going to go to the movies or get some of the things on this list knocked out. We'll see.

Oh and I finally worked up the nerve to post a more complete belly pic, way down at the bottom of my post. Just a little one. Here it is. 36 weeks.


Unknown said...

Beautiful belly, Jenny. I can't believe you're 36 weeks already! Robert will be here before you know it. =)

Anonymous said...

Aw, look at that belly! It makes me a little wistful for pregnancy, honestly.

Anna Maria said...

A fantastic looking belly. After 4 pregnancies I do not think that I will be showing my... All my children where close to 10 lb when they were born and their size just destroyed my stomach. But this is the joy of having 4 children and trying to get them healthy and good.