Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthing time beads

I think every mother should have some. Because it's like... Even though the people who care about you can't all be at your birth, in a way they are, because they got you a bead for your bracelet and you see it and know they're thinking about you.

And I love beads. Handmade beads, stone beads, beads of all shapes and colors and sizes. I haven't ever really been into beading or jewelry making, but I'm thinking of trying it. The other day I decided to go get some little beads to go in between the birth beads from my Blessingway. We have a wonderful little shop in our town that I've been visiting with my mom since I was four or five years old, and I didn't realize this but they have a bunch of scrumptious beads all organized into drawers. It's where most of my Blessingway beads came from. While we were there Jordan picked out a bead for me and I picked out one that I loved, too. They all came together to form the most mismatched bracelet ever. The lady there helped me fix them on beading wire, so now they can go in the birth tub without getting soggy.

Ivey loves my beads too.

Now they are back on my birth shelf, waiting for me.


Anonymous said...

Ivey is growing into one beautiful little girl! I'm excited for you all as we get closer to Robert's arrival.

Theresa said...

That was me - I hit the wrong thing. My fingers are too fat for the iPad!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a blessingway but am looking forward to hearing more about it.