Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fancy wool shorties for Robert!

I put off trying to make these for so long. I must have thought it wouldn't work and I'd end up sitting at the sewing machine crying. But today I got up early and made one diaper cover using these instructions from Cloth Diaper Blog, which were ever so helpful. Once I'd done the first cover (not pictured; it is just plain) I altered the leg cuffs a bit and these are what I got. I love making them, but these are both sized for a newborn (or a little bigger) and I have no idea if they'll fit right. I'm thinking of making Ivey some. I am also going to have to get Jenn to remind me how much of what to use for washing and lanolizing. She walked me through the whole thing a few weeks ago and I should have been taking notes.

I can't believe how much we did today. Making diapers. Getting to church almost on time. Going out for Mexican afterwards, and then taking the girls and the dog to the botanical gardens for some fun outdoor time. Then Jordan had a session meeting at church and I stayed home with the tired girls and worked on these diaper covers! It was a big day, and made up for our lazy Saturday yesterday. We both went for eye exams and got contacts and that's about it. I love my new daily lenses.

By the way, I am 37 weeks and 1 day today. If you look closely, the picture above doubles as a belly shot.


Unknown said...

These are too cute! Are the appliques made of wool, too? How did you affix them to the soaker? I really want to make one!

Jenny said...

Thanks! Yes, the appliques are felted wool scraps. I've started keeping a scrap bucket for this purpose. I just sewed them on by hand with the closest match of thread I had on hand. The wool is so fuzzy that the stitches blend in and you can hardly see them anyway. It was really pretty easy!

Lauren Wayne said...

How adorable! And I love your sneaky belly pic, too. :)

I have two wool sweaters that I shrank (one on purpose, one not so much…) that I was meaning to make soakers from. You're inspiring me to get to it! Like you, though, I have no idea of the sizing.

I don't know if my appliques will turn out as cute as yours, though. Yours are so charming!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited seeing that owl shortie! I made my husband pull it up on his computer and said, "look, look! That is the J Crew sweater I wore all those years ago." I'm impressed with its new upcycled life! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Those are SO CUTE. Robert is going to be one styling little man.

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, I stumbled on your blog looking for wool soakers to buy.
Your owl soaker is way better than most for sale. You should sell them!
I'm going to try and recreate yours, but I doubt I can make it look so good. Please take a picture of your new baby in it and post!