Monday, November 2, 2009

The high-pitched, sugary voice of Suzi

Playing with Daddy, holding out a little bottle: "You weally need it. I am the DOC! TOR!"

Still playing with Daddy, but a different game: "You look like a princess!" (That duck is supposed to be a crown.)

"Oohhh, Kiki-Rafi!" (This is what she calls the baboon from The Lion King, whose name is Rafiki.)

Suzi: What you got on?
Me: It's an eyebrow.
Suzi: Oh! And that other one is another one!

Me: And when he came to the place where the wild things are, they--
Suzi (pointing to the picture): What's that?
Me: A wild thing. They roared--
Suzi: What's that?
Me: A wild thing.
Suzi: What's that?
Me: A wild thing. They're all wild things!
Suzi: What's that?

"I wanna share with you!" (When you have yummy food she wants. Generous of her, right?)

"There's sumpin I wanna eat!" (You'd think she'd "want something to eat," but no.)

Looking at Ivey adoringly: "Awww. She's so cuuuute. Lookit at her..." She loves her baby sister.


Rebecca said...

When we used to offer my nephew something he did not want to eat, he'd always say, "I can't like it."

Lauren Wayne said...

"Oh! And that other one is another one!"

Priceless. Mikko recently discovered eyebrows, too, and is likewise fascinated. 2-year-old thing?