Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Minus five

Since resolving to take my Biggest Loser inspiration and run with it about two weeks ago, I have lost five pounds without trying hard. I haven't been running because either the weather has been crappy or (since the time change) the girls have had us up around 5:00 anyway, and I am lazy besides. So I haven't gotten much exercise other than cleaning, which I think ought to count, and activities that aren't technically exercise but cause me to walk and stuff anyway. Breastfeeding also uses up calories, and I think Ivey may be in a growth spurt because she's been nursing more often and longer. The only thing I've had to work on is my desire to eat a ton of carbs and sugary junk. I've been trying to eat things like edamame, quinoa, and almonds for snacks and lunches and I know that has helped.

My done-it list for today:
sorted recycling pile to get it out of the house
at least four loads of laundry
purged the girls' closet of out-of-season and too-small clothes

Hmm. It seems like I must have done more than that. Ivey was pretty unhappy this morning and I spent a while breastfeeding her. But yay! I am almost caught up from the weekend!

And one more thing about Biggest Loser. I was so mad at Rudy for going back on his word to Shay, and I thought it was terrible that she got sent home after losing 17 pounds! If she lost 17 pounds in a week and that wasn't enough to keep her on the show, they are pushing these people way too hard. The people I like keep getting sent home. It must mean that Amanda is next.


Anonymous said...

you are too cute,Jenny. And little Ivey looks so big!
Love Caryn

Emily said...

I have been meaning to write and tell you I'm proud that you are trying running again. I took a few weeks off when Lucy was born and am just now getting back into it- and man, does it stink right now! But that's how running is- it's not fun until you're in good enough shape to enjoy it. Hopefully I will be back to my old self again and loving my workouts soon! So don't be discouraged- even seasoned runners get frustrated, too.