Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yay for synchronized napping

Suzi sleeping through the end of The Little Mermaid

Ivey napping in the recliner (I don't leave her unattended)

Just as The Little Mermaid was ending, I looked up from rocking my little girl to sleep to find that my big girl had nodded off as well. What luck! We had a rough morning... Crying, crying, and more crying (I couldn't seem to please Ivey), plus a sinkful of nasty dishes. Now the dishes are done, the girls are bathed, and they are dressed in orange and ready for the game tonight! We are watching it over at my parents' house with some friends.

I am now taking a break and having a little local honey on crackers to try and fix the allergies we have all been enjoying lately. Suzi has had it bad. She hates the feeling of her nose dripping, but equally hates wiping it a million times because it gets sore. She loves her frog humidifier though. Last night she insisted the mist coming out was "fireworks," and then she cranked it up to high until large clouds were billowing down for her to play in. I can't complain because I'm pretty sure I used to do the same thing.

I need to mention, for my own future reference, that caring for a newborn is tough. I think I forgot how hard it was with Suzi, as those sleep-deprived memories faded and were replaced with happier ones when she began to spend more time smiling, laughing, and playing. Ivey cries a lot, though. And her cry isn't a soft girly one like Suzi's was. Ivey's cry is like a siren. We also do not have the benefit of letting her suck to comfort herself. Last time, we gave Suzi a paci and it messed up our breastfeeding relationship with nipple confusion. This time I intended to let Ivey comfort nurse, but my milk supply is a lot heavier and she gets quite aggravated when she just wants to suck and instead keeps getting milk. Then she spits up all over herself and us. I wasn't expecting this; Suzi used to comfort nurse for an hour or more with no problem. It was pretty much all I needed to calm her down. Ivey is a bit harder to please, but usually one of the S's will do it; most often shushing, and if that doesn't work I try swaddling and side-lying coupled with jiggling. She likes the wrap or sling, but wants me (or Jordan) to keep moving when she's in it.

It's a challenge, but then the clouds part and everybody's happy for a minute and I think, this was definitely a great idea.


Jamie said...

Just wanted to say that I think that you are doing great! I can't believe how many posts you have here considering the TWO that you have to take care of at home! I have ONE who is older than Ivey and I can't get a blog post up to save my life. Ah well. Keep up the great work!

Julie said...

I miss my grandbabies! They look so sweet "asneep" in their Clemson clothes. I hope Suzi's allergies are getting better. It's so frustrating when they're miserable and you can't make it better. I so cleary remember you when you came to me and said, "By noshe is topped up." Remember that if it gets too bad to steam up the bathroom with the hot shower and let her play in the tub for a while.

MaryAnne said...

Hooray for synchronized naps! Newborns are tough - and your Ivey sounds a lot like my first daughter Emma with the comfort nursing issues and siren cry. I'm lucky this time around - Lily doesn't cry much and she sleeps well at night. Not through the night, but for lovely 4-hour stretches. I do find that with babies 2 and 3 I started feeling human about around the same time the new baby turned a month old - still tired, but much more human. Hopefully you'll be the same, and your allergies will go away soon!

Melissa said...

wow both napping at the same time you are doing reat. I hope her allergies are better. I know you will get it all worked out you are a great mom!

Vicky said...

Nap time for both= happy hour for for you. =)

Theresa said...

I have to give you credit for doing the dishes when I would have joined the girls in their afternoon nap - oh, to be young! I only wish the Clemson clothes would have helped the team. sigh.