Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All tangled up

Today my friend Megan called and asked if Suzi, Ivey and I wanted to meet her and her son Aiden at the library for storytime. The library is not far at all from our house, and we got there right on time, which was a miracle. Ivey enjoyed hearing the songs and stories while riding in our Storchenwiege wrap, pictured below. I stood in the back and did the Mommy Dance while she looked out the window. Suzi and Aiden listened to the songs and stories and then colored a picture. Then we checked out some books to read.

Pictures taken with a webcam, which is why they are grainy.

I have been trying to figure out a weekly schedule, and I think the library storytime might be the first thing I put on it. It's every Tuesday and Thursday, but you only go to one or the other. Tuesdays are better for us, because by Thursday we're usually scrambling to clean house or get something prepared for the weekend. I am going to use the Yahoo calendar for now to save me from making one myself, and add in the things that happen every week.

And the Storchenwiege wrap... I just love it. When I bought it a few months ago (it was on sale and too good to pass up) I was intimidated by its non-stretchiness, but I knew Julie would help me figure it out, and with a little practice it's now as easy to use as my Moby Wraps. It reminds me of fall leaves. And evidently, it reminds Ivey of how sleepy she is :-) The other day Suzi saw me carrying Ivey in the wrap and, with a concerned look, asked Ivey, "you all tangled up?"


MaryAnne said...

I plan to attempt my first library storytime with three next Monday. Our library runs a special storytime for active children, and I'm thinking that will help since I won't be expected to keep my two older children quiet.

That wrap looks lovely.