Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is going to take practice

Ivey and Carey, our midwife who caught her. This was taken 12 days after her birth.

Today was my first try at taking both the girls somewhere by myself. We went to our babywearing meeting. Everything seemed to be going well at first. I got Ivey out of her car seat and then walked around to get Suzi out on the other side. Then I grabbed my purse, the baby bag, and our Moby Wrap so I could get help with it at the meeting. I had Suzi carry her doll. Then, oops, I didn't have any wipes except for the ones in the big container in the van so I had to carry a couple of loose wet wipes in my hand to avoid taking the box in. And the Moby Wrap kept wanting to drag the ground when I walked, but on the plus side Suzi was being so sweet and wasn't trying to run into traffic or anything. She obediently held my hand in the parking lot and waited patiently as I opened the door of the library. Then we walked up the hall and I opened the door to the meeting room just a crack, said hi to everybody, and tried to open the door wide enough for Suzi to go past me.

Except... clunk! I thought Suzi was right behind me, but for some reason she'd wandered over behind the door when I wasn't looking, and when I pushed the door back I knocked her in the head. Crap. So on our first outing together I nearly knocked my daughter down with a door and made her cry. I clumsily coaxed her through the doorway so I could look at her head and ask if she was okay and apologize about ten times. She forgave me and, after a few minutes of sitting in my lap next to her baby sister, went to play with the other kids (and their toys). I'm going to have to buy her a Magna Doodle.

I should have taken some pictures today, but I didn't. My hands were full most of the time and a good opportunity just didn't present itself, so I thought I'd share the above picture of Ivey and Carey. It was nice to see everyone at the meeting though. Julie and Carey helped me figure out how to go from a regular newborn carry to breastfeeding in the Moby. Yay! The Moby may have just become my new favorite carrier, even over the Maya Wrap Ring Sling. We'll see.

Now both girls are asleep--the little one in my lap and the big one on the couch, all worn out from playing this morning. I am drinking coffee in the middle of the day and blogging in peace.
I love babywearing meetings.


Nancy said...

Jenny, you will get use to having two girls sooner than you think!!!! Accidents will happen more often but children bounce back quickly and forgive quickly!!! You are a wonderful mother and Jordan appears to be a wonderful husband and father! You all have a wonderful future ahead of you!!!! Take care and slow down!!! haha

MaryAnne said...

I love my moby wrap, but I have never been able to figure out how to breastfeed in it. The ergo is the only carrier I can breastfeed in.

I had a bad first attempt at going out alone with three kids last week, mainly because for whatever reason I thought it would be fine to leave my baby carrier home. Two very young children plus a very young baby at a playground without a baby carrier is not a good idea...

Anonymous said...

I thought you made it look easy! I hate I didn't get to talk more with you about your new experiences and get to know your sweet Ivey!

wirrek said...

This is how I roll:

1. Turn off car, get out, put on pre-packed BACKPACK.
2. Get older child out of car.
3. Walk to other side of car holding hands with older child.
4. Tell older child to put hand on tire and not to move under pentalty of severe TIME OUT.
5. Get baby out. Place carrier in crook of arm or on hip.
6. clutch older child's hand in death grib and walk to destination.
Good luck!