Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Real men wear lavender

The other day when Ivey was crying and could no longer console herself by breastfeeding, Jordan picked up our Moby Wrap and asked me to help him "get this thing on." This particular wrap is lavender, but he didn't let that deter him. Now he's more practiced than I am at using the wrap, and he frequently carries Ivey in it to give me a break (she wants to be held a lot). Sometimes he even does housework at the same time.

We went to our local consignment sale recently and realized when we got out of the van that both our girls were asleep--yay! We put Suzi in the umbrella stroller and switched it to the recline position, and then Jordan carried Ivey in the Moby Wrap (we have another one that's black and green, which he prefers). I got to shop until I was tired without so much as a peep out of the girls. We got so many great deals! My Jordy is awesome and I love to see him bonding with our babies.

So, guys, don't write off wraps just because you think it's a girl thing. Wear your baby in that wrap! It may feel embarrassing to you, but it's sexy to your wife.


Beth said...

Jeff was the same way, he'd wear our moby wrap all around the house with Elaina when she was little...it's blue though...

Lauren Wayne said...

I love babywearing daddies! I got/made all our wraps and slings in brown and black so there would never be any hesitation on Sam's part. :) Even my dad wore Mikko without a fuss!

I have been missing your site -- I was having some trouble with my browser and it kept crashing. I finally got a different browser to work, and hooray -- Ivey's here! What a sweetie. I will go catch up now.