Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seriously, who doesn't like free stuff?

I just received some free popcorn in the mail thanks to Lindsay, and decided to do a post on winning stuff. These are some things I've won:

The Rookie Mom's Handbook--an excellent perk-me-up book for new moms, especially ones still on maternity leave! Thanks to Mama Knows Breast.

At the same time I won Margarita Mama, a book of "mocktails" for pregnant women.

My ModMum Sling is probably my favorite. You know how I love carriers!

I also won a Take-Along Tether from the Pinks & Blues girls (MomGenerations now). I don't have it in the picture because it's in my mom's van. It keeps Suzi from throwing her toy phone overboard where no one can reach it.

Winning stuff is exciting, isn't it? (Julie's "major award" comes to mind.) But even if you have only won a butt-ugly fishnet-covered leg lamp, it's still fun. Because, you know, if all else fails, you can sell it on eBay. For 200 bucks. If you haven't seen A Christmas Story I'll bet you're confused right now.

Anyway, I wanted to share how I find contests. Most of you probably know about Prizey. Many product review websites use this site as advertising, and you can count on them not to get you in over your head with spam after you divulge your email address. All the prizes in the world are not worth hundreds of unwanted emails!

Aside from Prizey, I have a few favorite sites I go to for information and then enter the contests because it's something I want and I'm already there! These include Adventures in Babywearing, Baby Sling Blog (they are currently running a patriotic babywearing contest), Mama Knows Breast, Mama Speaks, MomGenerations, Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog (one of my favorites for breastfeeding info--they'll keep you abreast of current issues), Suburban Turmoil (in the reviews), and of course Along for the Ride.

**Right now they're doing a cool contest over at A Mama's Blog: a year's subscription to Kiwi Magazine! All you have to do is visit the magazine's site and tell what you thought was interesting. They have all kinds of eco-friendly (and bank account-friendly) ideas! Go enter now!**

I have been thinking about doing my own giveaway just because, I don't know, it would make me happy. It may sound corny but blogging has given me so much--a place to store our memories with Suzi, new friends, a way to connect with other moms--and it makes me want to give something back! But first I have to find something. I'll let you know.