Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You hurt my feelings

Picture it. 10:00 pm, our couch. Suzi is asleep in the papasan and Jordan and I are camped out watching TV. We are in no fit state to entertain--half-dressed, toys strewn everywhere, did I mention baby is asleep?

And then you ring the freaking doorbell. Maybe in your jobless drug-world, people do this all the time at 10 pm, but not at our house, buddy. In our world, if someone rings the doorbell after dark it is either a friend or family member with a dire emergency, or some wingnut. But my husband, ever the optimist, answers the door after looking out the window to see if, I don't know, you are brandishing a dagger or anything. My heart is pounding.

After talking with you for a few minutes, and hearing your lovely story about how your poor little one-year-old son is at home suffering from asthma in the dark because you are $21 short on your power bill, sweet Jordan locks the door for a minute and comes back with a five-dollar bill--all the cash he has. I am just glad he doesn't get shot--because remember, I have no idea who the hell you are! You take the money and then walk up the street to scare our poor neighbor to death, trying to pry open her windows when she refuses to open the door. The cops finally pick you up around 10:30 and while I hope they will keep you for a good long time, I seriously doubt it.

I am proud of the way Jordan is. He doesn't judge people. If you say you need $21 to pay a power bill, then you do. But because of YOU, who have three outstanding arrest warrants and have the gall to go door-to-door requesting money as though you are entitled, we now feel stupid. Next time someone really is in trouble, we are going to keep that door locked tighter than hell. We want to help others, but not at the cost of our little girl's safety. She is our #1.

From now on we are no longer going to acknowledge anyone who approaches us this way. We contribute to programs to help people who are truly in need (and not just in need of a drug fix), and we have to hope and pray that help will be there for anyone who asks for it. In the meantime, go here and click the yellow button every day.


Kelly said...

Wow..I was terrified when you told me that story today. You can never be to careful, especially when it comes to your family. I just hope that he appreciated it, even if it was for the wrong thing.

Beth said...

That's scary Jenny! At least you had Jordan there. I know, I always want to trust people but I've met enough dishonest people that sadly...I don't really trust anyone anymore.

Vicky said...

It is ashamed when people take advantage of others who are kind. John gets approached all the time. He looks like the guy who would give you anything....and he would.Just last month a man approached us in the parking lot of a restaurant saying he needed gas money. John refused....he really didn't have any cash on him. He has been approached 2 other times in parking lots recently as well. Thank goodness I have only been approached once that I can remember. It almost makes you want to hang a no soliciting sign around your neck. I am glad you all are safe.

This is kinda a funny story...about 6 weeks ago I had mormons...I think....ring my doorbell at 8:58pm. Braydon was in bed and I was trying to get Nolan to bed. I went to our front window and started yelling at them. The poor guys had a bible in their hands and I am literally telling them that they are a dumba$$. I was seeing red. I am sure they will not be around again and I was probably prayed for that night by them for me to have peace. LOL "PEACE & QUIET"

Beth said...

I posted another cloth diapering contest, you should check it out :-)