Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium

This is a long video, but it's sort of relaxing.

The Georgia Aquarium was fantastic. I've been to one or two other aquariums, but they pale in comparison. It wasn't just the animals, either; the design of the building was perfect and the volunteers were knowledgeable and friendly. They had penguins and other animals in addition to the fish you usually find at aquariums. I know many people say the aquarium is too crowded, and it is--after about 10:30 am. If you are going, you need to arrive at opening, especially if you are taking children. We went in around 8:30 and hardly anyone was there! This is the line right after lunch, which is when we had to leave because the crowd was too exhausting:

And here are the obligatory gifts we purchased for Suzi at the aquarium. I was pleased with their selection, as they had several decent books. I think Suzi will enjoy making us sing the song over and over.

More aquarium footage coming soon. I didn't want to overwhelm you.


Anonymous said...

we still have a VERY prized stuffed sting ray from the aquarium. not my choice, as i still hold a little resentment about the whole steve irwin thing. *cringe*

Jenny said...

I know, Jordan and I were depressed about that for several months. I was pregnant when his memorial service came on and just sat there and cried. But I feel pretty certain that he forgave that sting ray. That's just how he was!

Vicky said...

I really enjoyed the Video...I swear one of the Beluga Whales were singing that song to me. LOL I had visions of them looking at the camera and lip syncing!

Kelly said...

I loved the video! It was so peaceful. I definitely felt like the whales were putting on a show for the cameras