Monday, April 4, 2011

Stay in a little while longer, baby

Friday was the best day. My midwife came over and everything was great. The baby was head down and well engaged and we were all set! We figured we'd finish up our to-do list over the weekend and maybe have a baby Monday or sometime. We went to the chiropractor and stopped by Publix on our way home, feeling great. I had a few pre-birthing waves in the store, probably just from excitement. Woo-hoo! Things couldn't get any better. We drove home and put up all our groceries.

Then after dinner we made my belly cast. That was fun. We've done these with all three babies and it gets easier each time. This time the pressure waves kept pushing the cast off my belly as it dried, so I took it off a little early and finished reinforcing it on the counter. Four rolls of plaster strips later, we were done!

Because of the pressure waves, I had to lie down about 9:30 and I took a nap on and off until about 1:30. When I woke up the waves had mostly stopped, but I felt like we had to finish the cleaning, especially in the kitchen and living room and laundry and stuff. Jordan did not share my sense of urgency so after a few, um, words, I sent him to bed and stayed up really late cleaning. About 4:00 I went to bed and tried to sleep but couldn't. I figured it was no problem. The cleaning was almost totally finished, and all we had on the schedule for Saturday was to go and have fun at the Spring Jubilee, our community's annual arts festival. I could just take a nap after that.

But then Ivey woke up vomiting at about 5:30. On the day I turned 40 weeks. It was on and off, and she wasn't acting sick at all, so we wondered if she hadn't just eaten something that didn't agree with her the night before. We even went on to the jubilee, where she puked all over Jordan's back in the Ergo and he had to drive home with no shirt on. Sunday afternoon, just after we thought she was almost better, she started puking again! Last night she got worse, but right now she and Jordan are sleeping in the recliner. I'm glad to see she is resting and that her noodle soup (mostly just soup) is getting a chance to settle. She is feeling miserable and I don't want her to get dehydrated. She either refuses or can't keep down the remedies we've offered to make her feel better, so it looks like this thing is just going to have to run its course.

As you might imagine, we have been running our butts off all weekend trying to keep things sanitized so Suzi, Jordan and I don't catch this. We've been running the washer and dryer nonstop with pukey clothes, towels and blankets, and dashing around with a washcloth and a spray bottle disinfecting doorknobs and faucet handles and countertops. We are getting tired.

Jordan is the greatest dad ever. He has been holding Ivey almost nonstop because that is how she can sleep best, and because we don't want her to get me sick right before the birth. I've been working hard to get everything else done, but poor Jordy. Last night Ivey threw up in his face. It was horrible.

So yes, even though we are at 40 weeks and 2 days now, it is totally cool with us if Robert stays in for a few more days. Last time Ivey was sick like this it lasted about a week on and off and then Suzi and I had it (glad I wrote a long, boring post about it now so I could refer back!). We are just hoping and praying that the rest of the family dodges that bullet this time. We don't want Robert to be born into a house of yuckiness.

But now the poor little girl is up and wanting to eat, so I guess I better go.


CJ said...

Your cast looks GREAT!! We have yet to finish ours off, it's still in the raw form!