Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another baby cocoon with a hat to match

I am running out of things to clean and crafts to make over here. Sure hope Robert decides to come soon! This is what I made Tuesday afternoon. It's what I hope is an improvement on my first baby cocoon, with a little knotted hat to match. The cocoon part is from the front of the sweater and the hat is from the sleeves. It was thin, soft merino wool, and I believe it was another one of the sweaters Julie gave me. Thanks Julie!

I really want to try this on him. Mostly I just want to meet him.

P.S. Ivey threw up again last night, after going two and a half days without vomiting! I started her back on regular food too soon, I guess. That basically means anything other than toast with a tiny bit of cheese, applesauce, noodle soup, bananas, and rice. I didn't give her fast food or anything, just a little bit of a bagel with nothing on it, some cheerios, and a couple of peeled apple slices. It was getting to where she was refusing all the stomach virus fare and she seemed so hungry! Really, really frustrating. I'm hoping she'll be okay today. I'm not giving her anything questionable because I don't want to make her sick again!


Anonymous said...

I'm ever amazed by your craftiness! Hoping the stomach yuck moves on. ASAP!!

Megan said...

Very nice. Poor sweet Ivey. I'm here if you need me.