Tuesday, April 5, 2011

40 weeks and 3 days: A quick update

The girls' toenails (Suzi green, Ivey pink) that I painted Friday

1) Nope, no baby yet!

2) I went to the chiropractor yesterday and was balanced and didn't even need an adjustment. First time that's ever happened to me! I'm going back again tomorrow.

3) Ivey slept about 18 hours yesterday and woke up this morning smiling and happy and hungry! There's been no vomit for over 24 hours, thank God! She is just about back to her old self, but we are keeping her on Culturelle (probiotics) and the BRAT diet for a couple more days.

4) Jordan has an accounting test tonight at 7:00 pm. Before he left for work I told the baby that anytime after about 9:00 tonight would be good for him to come out. Of course, going by my other two pregnancies, if he comes before Monday the 11th he will be early.

5) Even after Ivey's stomach bug created a bunch of extra cleaning tasks, there is hardly anything left on my to-do list! I have to vacuum a little, finish up a bit of laundry and that's about it. Now I am working off my "overtime" list. Some of the things left: take the girls to the waterfront park, make another baby cocoon, read birthy/breastfeeding books, reorganize the storage room.

6) I'd also like to get some of my during birthing time tasks done ahead of time. I keep wondering if this baby is going to come quickly once he starts coming, and it makes me a little uncomfortable to have more than about two hours of setup that has to take place once things are rolling. Last time there was a lot of running around only a couple of hours before Ivey's birth. So I might get started on that list today, too. I'd like to at least get the rest of the birth stuff out from under our bed and put down the waterproof floor cover and pallet for beside the tub. The bed is already made up with two sets of sheets, so that'll save us at least ten minutes. I'd like to relax and watch a movie or make brownies during my birthing time with Robert.

Yep, that should just about do it. We are ready whenever Robert is. Just please pray that no one here gets sick again!


Unknown said...

Thinking about you and sending lots of healthy, peaceful, powerful energy your way. Wish I could know when your birthing time begins so I could light a candle. (Are you planning on letting everyone know?)

Anonymous said...

I will send all my healthy thoughts your way. And I can't wait to hear about Robert's arrival. It's getting so close!

Kristin said...

I love reading of all your preparations. I delivered 3 of my 5 kids early, but the labors were all slow and steady. It sounds funny to say, but they really were very relaxing and enjoyable.

Megan said...

mmm... brownies